Suspended In Forbbiden, Ch. 1 - Twisted Fate

May 7, 2010
By , Homer, AK
I Bring my sins to thee,
The sins I cannot count,
That I may cleansed be
In the once opened fount,
I Bring them, Saviour, all to thee;
The Burden is too much for me.
My heart to thee I bring,
The heart I cannot read;
A faithless, wandering thing,
An evil heart indeed.
I bring it, Saviour, now to thee
That fixed and faithful I may be.
The Gospel, 421: The Song Book of The Salvation Army with NIV New Testament and Psalms

Being a Christian is hard; being a Vampire Christian is even harder. I mean it’s bad enough that I have to try and be nice to people that absolutely drive me up the wall; but the constant thirst for human blood!? I mean, come on that’s a bit much….. I suppose I had no choice in the matter though….now that I look back I didn’t.

London 1660’s

Musty gold lights danced across the dirty cobble stones of London’s streets. Darkened shadows leaked from the silent buildings, and forbidden was born. Floor boards creaked with the pressure of movement; and a single weakening moan escaped the lips of a dying soul. Lushes warm light hovered over the three occupancies as a man with brittle colored blond hair applied a wet rag on the fragile creature lying within the bed.
“Will she be alright?” a soft worried voice breathed.
Turning in the chair he had been given the man looked up at a tough looking women with long dry brown hair and sparing green eyes.
“It’s hard to say” he replied with that born and brought up Englishmen accent.
A soft agonizing moan from the bed turned the man’s attention back to his patient. Staring upon the thin pale faced perspiring women in the bed; caused a certain emotion to stir restlessly with in his soul. With a certain staunched but pained look upon his brow he said without taking his eyes off the sick women.
“Leave the room”
“Leave the room” the man repeated this time more threatening.
Without a word the women crossed to the door and left the room. A few moments passed with the man staring UN blinking and emotionless at the women before him. Bringing his right hand to his mouth he bit thoughtfully on his knuckle. Taking it away he glanced down at the imprint his teeth had made in his skin. With a heavy sigh he glanced precariously behind him. Waiting he listened for any movement beyond the closed door, when there was none he turned back around. A few moments he hovered when the sound of creaking floor boards reached his ears. While the silence settled calmly once more he began to advance upon the form.
Now with certainty that the helpful women would not return he began to very slowly lean over the almost lifeless body. Thoughts rushed through his mind as he came closer and closer to faded wet skin. “Was this for the best?” “What would become of the women after he changed her?” “Where would she go?” “Was he doing the right thing?”
Taking another deep heavy breath to clear his mind he swallowed. “Yes he was doing the right thing, she needed life and he couldn’t stand the thought of losing another patient.” With one last breath that made he ribs creak with the pressure the man plunged his teeth into her skin. Instantly the taste of iron and blood filled his mouth. Moist saliva and that red wine slid graciously between his teeth and has her body began to convulse beneath him he knew the conversion had begun. Her body jerked violently as the poison took hold over her veins and began to burn its immortal life within her. Suddenly as he sat leaned over her trying to keep her still and silent her eyes opened. Her eyes, they were violet a dark chocolate violet. Then as if she had just seen an unspeakable horror she opened her mouth to scream. Quickly and with in the immediate incident his hand was pressing silence onto her lips. Among that moment when his hand lay squarely over her mouth and ruby red blood ran down her neck and onto the white sheets; and as they looked one another in the face. Something, something reserved but not missing moved beneath her eyes. Giving the look of peace and comfort a small smile spread with subjection below his hand. With that the women lay at rest, submerged, engrossed and bounded to the life of the changed.

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