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May 3, 2010
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..these dark halls...are my life now..they stretch like the endless microscopic bonds in a carbon based lifeform like myself. they haunt my dreams for they are the only forms witch bear any rememberence anymore in the tiny synappses in my darkened mind. MY father brought us down to Rapture for many reasons...."the world up there is dying" he said...."well be safer here" he told us......*laughs* "yeah right....take us to a place at the bottom of the sea...made of metal that should easily oxidize....all laws of science are defyed and re-invented here....even this place itself should have been crushed years ago by the waters preassure...but no no no ryan said. "my engineers have constructed this metal by a mixture of steel, chromium,liquid mercury, and tungsten along with variouse chemicals to ensure the murcurys solidarity of of my people is my most previlant concern." the perfect utopia he called it..."where the artists would not fear the sensor..where the scientist would not be bound by...'petty morality'."....turns out morality...was the one thing keeping the "parasites" as he called them up on the surface from damning thier civilisation to...this....what we now call home...its been 3 years since that fateful newyears night.....3 years since the splicers...horrid addicts...broke the wall seperating us from them...they killed them...almost all of the others.....just to get their hands on a few drops of adam....adam...that monsterous concoction of mutated RNA and purposley arranged stem're all it gain such power from adam.....of course its not just adam....for these also need.....'plasmids'....the tool of the demon known as adam...plasmids are the second part to achieving this ghastly solution...just more mutated stem cells from disfigured disgusts me that im now forced to use them to survive in this hell...but then of course they say....."to survive hell you must play the devil"...but we are just demons compared to the devil himself....the man who abandoned us.....and his sunken 'utopia'....raptures own creator...andrew ryan.

" my foots steps echo off the leaking walls and corridors of "arcadia"..most beautiful place in rapture...still is...the plants the trees....even with all the bodies strewn about...with my pistol drawn i work my way around a corner...slowley i work my way towards arcadia's social bar where all manor of alchohol..if you can call it that seeing as how it is made with the weakest of ethanals....are served..or were served to the growing masses of rapture. I stop as I hear a loud groan and my heart sinks down into my chest as i let out a sigh..." So....i finnaly found one eh?......ok ....gotta get ready" I check my pistol...all 6 explosive ammuniton rounds are good thing about rapture's scientists..they sure can improve a bullet with some thermite. I turned the corner and saw him...his hulking frame and shadow covering her as she performed her girsley task..the yellow light from his diving helmet shined apon an angel of hell....but a reluctant one...big daddies...these monsterous beasts of former men...thier organs....thier nervouse systems....thier minds ...graphted to those preassurised diving heavily spliced...theve lost thier freewill...almost as if in an induced coma...thier one and only perpouse in this fallen protect those little they harvest the adam from the dead bodies that abound in rapture. Taken from thier parents...brianwashed into loving those years of brainwashing and dreadfully horrid smelling chains of areomatic hydrocarbons called 'pheromones'.....the girls themselves...are monsters thanks in part to the damned creature that lives inside them. We found it many years ago a routine exploration...a very strange species of sea slug capable of amazingly spontaneouse healing of internal and external wounds....the posabilities were endless....instead we chose to see what would happen if we were to plant the slugs in the stomachs of these children....the parasites feasted on the food they ate and in turn to keep their hosts alive thier amazing regenerating abillity was transfered genticaly to them....we were astounded at how a simple slug could induce such genetic change..simply from living inside a person...needless to say.....we now have these children wandering this fallen city draining the coagulated blood out of these unfortunate souls....we never knew this would happen......never intended it to be used like this......but that never stopped ryan from going behind our backs.

MY blood rushed as i turned the corner and hit the big daddy with the "electro shock" plasmid. this plasmid increases the natural electricity in youre body by inducing the production of amino acids in youre bodys natural fat and starch and passing it through the iron in youre blood to super charge it. The metal daddy let out a low groan as coils of blue lighting coarsed over his suit and he dropped to the ground. I ran up pistol in had as the little sister yelled "get him MR.B !" my pistol came up ready to shoot through the glass hole in his helmet, but a large hand grabbed my leg sending shocks to my chest as 2 shoots hit the cieling as my head hit the ground. I sreamed as the big daddy used my leg to support its massive weight as it got up. it looked at me for a second and then its fist came down hard next to my skull as I rolled to the side trying to grab my pistol, just as I reached it i turned and shot it 3 times with no effect to the daddy as it grabbed my leg and threw me across the cold wet floor. I hit the wall with a thud while hearing the daddy get closer...*thud*..*thud*....*thud*..*groan*. My head lifted a I heard a whirring and instantly my hand went up to catch the big daddys arm mounted drill before it struck my chest. I cried in agony as the drill broke all 3 layers of my skin and passed through to the other I held the daddy back with my foot my hand went to my gun with one shot left i slammed the barrel up against his helmets view port and pulled the trigger. It staggered back with a sharp groan holding its face. I stared at my hand wondering my next action then my memory flashed back to item I had stolen from a dead splicer a week before...'insect swarm'...I reached in my pocket for the hard plastic vial suprisingly unbroken from the scuffle. I looked at it for a split second and instantly slammed it into my arm and pushed the plunger down. seconds later my my arm coarsed with pain as blisteres rose from my skin moving angrily, 2 seconds later they popped as tiny insects crawled from each pore buzzing with delight. This plasmid turned every pore into a producer of glucose to feed the creatures as they rapidly grew inside them like thousands of tiny wombs, Again with this plasmid we were suprised we could speed up the proccess of birth even in these tiny creatures with just a few stem cells and some hornet DNA...all thx to adam. I cast my arm out and they instantly responded, attacking the big daddy with everything they had, swarming around him as he groaned to no end. I had to finnish this now.. I looked behind him and saw the balcony in the dim lighting...I stood up and thought to myself...."got one shot at this". I cletched my fist and with a signaled mental synaps my arm started to burn as hard scab like skin ran across my arm and the smell of methane filled the air. The incinerate plasmid works as thus hard scabs form on you're arm to keep in endothermic heat and it increases youre body temperture rapidly, the pores in you're arm produce methane while the oil on you're skin pools around the pores and the oil is massed produced under the first layer of skin and is let out through the pores instantly bieng ingiting it into a fire ball. I raced forward lifted my hand and thrust it forward, the jet of oily fire erupted onto the big daddy as he crashed throught he wooden bars of the balcony and with a loud thud he died. I stared down at him in disbelief as a groan left his larynx and the lights in his helmet faded. The little sister rushed to my leg holding on as she cried "MR. Bubbles, please wake up! " I stared at her in discontent wondering what to do....if i harvest the sea slug..i get the adam inside its body...but without it...she'll die....I just stared at her minutes as salty tears ran down her face...reflecting the sad enviroment around her.

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