Who Wrote This? Part One

May 1, 2010
By knightkristin SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
knightkristin SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Harry was walking to DADA class, when he was stopped by Hermione, who was out of breath.

“What’s the rush?” Harry asked.
“Malfoy…he…told…me that…he…loved…y-“ Hermione said huffing and puffing.
“That I love…my…new broomstick Father bought me,” Malfoy said thinking quickly.
“That’s what was important?!” Harry said shocked. What a waste of time! Harry thought. There must be something more important.
“No…” Hermione said, “Harry are you gay?”
“No.” Harry replied.
“Well I’m off, got to go tell Pansy,” Malfoy said walking off.
“What was all that about??” Harry questioned.
“Malfoy loves you,” Hermione told.
“HE WHAT?!” Harry said shocked,
“Did I stutter?” Hermione asked.
“No…but I just…” Harry began to say, but Ron walked up to them.
“Hiya Harry! Hermione! We’re going to be late for DADA. The new professor is rumored to be awesome,” Ron told.
Malfoy gay, Ron wanting to go to class?! What’s next?
In Defense Against the Dark Arts class, the professor was in fact awesome. Only thing that would have been better is if Malfoy would have stopped staring at Harry. This though would explain why Malfoy was so mean to him all the time, but then wouldn’t that mean he would like Hermione? This was all confusing for Harry so he decided to ask Malfoy himself.

After lessons were finished, Harry spotted Malfoy going into the Great Hall.
“Malfoy!” Harry yelled grabbing Malfoy by the sleeve and pulling him to the side.
“What?” he asked. Harry could see Malfoy’s face blush and turn a glowing red.
“Do you love me?” Harry asked sternly.
“Why?” Malfoy asked.
“Draco Malfoy, I’m serious, I won’t tell, make fun of you, nothing. Just tell the truth,” Harry explained.
“I want to kiss you.” and before Harry could do anything Draco kissed Harry, not some lip kiss but tongue and all.
Harry pushed away.
“You don’t love me do you?” Malfoy said with a quiver in his voice.
“It’s not that. But should two arch-enemies be kissing in public?” Harry asked.
“Oh I get you…” Malfoy smirked.
Harry and Malfoy went on to the Great Hall While eating, Fred asked Harry what was up with him and Malfoy.
“Nothing.” Harry said.
“It didn’t look like ‘nothing’ in the hallway.” Fred said.
“Yea it looked like gagging.” George told making a gagging noise.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Harry lied.
“Seriously, Harry all we want to know is if you’re ‘fraternizing with the enemy’ as Ron put it over there.” Fred said.
“Well do you seriously think I would do anything like that to that slimy git??” Harry said. He didn’t want them finding out, ever.
“You’re such a liar!” Ron told getting up from the table and strutted out.
“What’s up with him?’ Harry asked confused.
“Ronald really liked you.” Lupin butted in.
“Where did you come from?” Fred asked amazed.
“I don’t know.” Lupin wondered, “what’s going on?”
“It’s a fan fiction.” Ginny told from across the table.
“J.K. Rowling isn’t writing this??” George said shocked.
“Yeah. We all get abused. There’s gay guys and romance that’s seriously out of control.” Ginny explained.
“I’m going to find out who’s writing this, because I don’t wanna think that people think I’m gay.” Harry said determined. Now where to start???

The author's comments:
A five part fan fiction about Harry Potter in general.

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This article has 5 comments.

on Mar. 2 2011 at 2:41 pm
Oorah_Alchemist, Bluffton, South Carolina
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I was honestly creeped out about the begginging but the end was great. Good job. XD

KellyR GOLD said...
on Nov. 23 2010 at 12:55 pm
KellyR GOLD, Richmond, Virginia
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I didn't really like this until I got to the end then I was lmao! XD

on Jul. 29 2010 at 2:41 pm
cHicKEnWaNg1 SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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i love this its so funny

on May. 15 2010 at 8:53 pm
Ok, well i didnt really care for this, one cause it seems like you are making fun of Harry Potter... But i was written really well i got to say

on May. 11 2010 at 2:04 pm

this is okay,be more discriptive please love it so far <3! !



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