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Legend of Zelda Unknown Legend: Prologue

Okay everyone knows the legend of link the savior of Hyrule, The Hero of Time, The Vanquisher of Evil, but what people don’t know is my part of that legend I am Aric. Links partner we went through every danger, obstacle, and monster together. We were great as kids and invincible as adults. Everything was going great until we faced Ganondorf for the final battle he used a spell on me to send me to another place a new world my memories erased aged back to a baby. In Hyrule I was considered dead, but now Hyrule is in trouble again and it needs me. This is where my second attempt to become a legend begins will I be able to do it. I hope so because failing means the destruction of Hyrule so wish me luck.

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CrazyCarro said...
Jul. 8, 2012 at 3:11 pm
Hey, this sounds really interesting! Why haven't you written any other parts? I'm want to see how this story turns out, there isn't much of anything to do with Zelda on Teen Ink
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