Something That Wasn't There Before:Chapter One

April 19, 2010
“Excuse me, sir?” I heard a voice say.
“Owe…” I was laying on…sidewalk?
”Are you okay?”
“Here, let me help you…”
"Thank you" I brushed myself off.
"Do you know what happened to you?"
“Um, I got... beat... up..."
“Okay, what's your name?"
"I'm Tom, where do you live? I can take you home"
I live... I can't...-" I started to cry; I didn’t know where I lived...
"Okay its fine, I’ll help you, come on," he wrapped an arm around me.
"Bill? Bill. Bill..." a familiar voice said.
"Hmm? Where am I?" I bolted up "who are you? OW!"
"Please sit down Bill, or Mr.Kaulitz which do you prefer?"
"Hmm, well bill is fine, who are you?" I repeated.
"I'm Tom. Tom Trumper. I found you lying on the ground outside of my store and you said you'd been beaten up and you didn’t know where you lived..."
I thought about that, he was right... I sat down.
"I was beaten by...someone, I can't remember who," I trailed off "how did I get here?"
"Well, you fainted so I took you to my car and brought you here, to my home." he answered totally calm.
"Well, thank you, I suppose I should go now. I wouldn't want to impose more that I already have." I got up.
"Oh no you don't, where do you plan on going exactly?"
"Ummm..." he was right.
"You can stay here, I have no family. I don't live with anyone. You may stay in my guest room until we figure out where you belong."
"Okay, thank you so much," I patted my pocket, "Where is my wallet?"
He handed it to me, "I'm sorry I needed to know who you were."
"It’s fine. Is there anyway I can thank you? You’ve been so kind."
"No need for thanks, it really is no problem. Are you hungry?"
Now that he mentioned it..."Yeah, actually I am"
"What do you like? We could go out or get a delivery or I could cook..."
"I like pasta, but anything is fine..."I answered, not wanting to seem picky.
"Okay you get cleaned up, and we can go out."
"You need something to wear..." he stated and walked off.
He came back with a small white shirt and dark blue jeans. "Try these; I don't have anything smaller though." He chuckled.
"Okay," I smiled.
He lead me to, what I thought, was the guest room.
"You can shower and change here. There's the bathroom," he pointed to another door in the room," everything you'll need is in there."
"No thank you, and Mr.Trumper, Th-"
"Tom, please call me Tom," he cut me off.
"Tom, Thank you, I really appreciate everything."
"It truly is no problem. You don't have to keep thanking Me." he smiled.
"Alright, I'll uhm, go get ready," I answered.
"Just call me if you need anything."
We smiled at each other and he left. He has a really nice home and he's a wonderful person, I thought to myself, why doesn't anyone live with him?
I went to look in the mirror. God I look horrible, I thought to myself. I started up the shower and got undressed. I looked in the full length mirror to see that I was bruised and bloody.
I got into the shower and tried to clean up. I washed my hair twice, and tried to be gentle so I didn’t hurt myself. I got out and got dressed then looked for a toothbrush.
After brushing my teeth, I looked around for a hairbrush. I couldn’t find one though so I went to the hallway and said "Tom?"
"Yes?" he called.
"I can't find a hairbrush."
"Okay let me look..."
He rummaged through a drawer, then pulled something out and said, "Here it is, would you like some help? I'd imagine you're kind of sore..."
"Okay, thank you," and I sat down on the bed.
He sat behind me and started to brush my messy, wet, jet black hair.
"How do you feel?" he asked me, breaking the silence.
"Okay I guess, kind of sore, and I’m not really remembering much still..."
"Okay let's go."
We got our shoes on, although, mine were black boots.
We went to his car, and drove to Olive Garden.
"Yum," I said as we drove up.
Tom laughed, "I like it here too."
We walked inside and the host seated us and said, "Your waiter will be right here." and walked away.
"Hi, I'm David I’ll be your server today, what would you like to drink?"
"Coke," Tom answered.
"The same for me please."
"Alright, I'll be right back with that," he said and left.
"We will need to shop for some clothes for you tomorrow."
"Okay, but I don't have much money..."
"I'm going to pay, I don't mind, I want to, and you're not going to argue."
"Well...Okay then..."
The waiter came back with our drinks.
"Ready to order?" he asked.
"I'll have spaghetti Marinara," I said.
"The same for me," Tom said.
"Alright," David said.
"So, where will we shop tomorrow?" Tom asked after a minute.
"Hot topic?"
"Okay, sure will you need anything else?"

We continued on through dinner talking and eating. Figuring out what I remembered and didn't remember. He paid the bill and we went back to his house.
“Not really,” I said.
“Would you like to come to my room and watch a movie?” he asked.
“Sure,” I replied.
“How about the Uninvited?”
“Sure,” I said.
Tom gave me some PJ’s and I changed in my room and he changed in his. Then I went over to his room and sat next to him on the bed.
“Ready?” he asked.
“Yeah” I answered and we got under the covers.
“Is anything hurting?” he asked when I moaned.
I smiled and said “My back a little.”
“Here,” he said, and handed me some Tylenol and water.
“Thank you,” I said and took the pills and lie back down.
A few minutes later I shivered. Tom noticed and scooted closer. He put an arm around me. I sunk into him and drifted to sleep thinking, “This is why he has no one here living with him…”

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DericksGirl said...
Sept. 28, 2010 at 9:50 am
I think this implies that Bill and Tom are together in a way that's not true. But I enjoyed the detail leading up to the point...
5star_writter_mone said...
Jul. 29, 2010 at 4:13 pm
oh my goodness this is so cute i like it i just think it needs more detail
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