April 1, 2010
By Josh Bootz GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Josh Bootz GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Allen decided it was time to go back to Vegas to gamble. When he got to Ceasers Palace, he wobbled on over to the elevator. While waiting for the elevator, he was standing next to a donkey.
“hmm hmm hm hmm,” said Donkey as they walked into the elevator.
“How bout that ride in? I guess that’s why they call it Sin City,” said Allen with a mischief look on his face.
“Hi and who are you?” said Donkey.
“I’m Allen, part of a wolf pack so don’t even look at me.”
“Riiight, well I’m a flyin talkin Donkey, what you here for anyways?”
“I’m here to count some cards.”
The elevator stops at the third floor and Martin Lorance walks into the elevator.
Martin looks mysteriously at Donkey and then at Allen. The door closes. The elevator starts to move at an alarming rate.
“What you do!” said Allen facing Martian.
“Why you think it’s me? Is it because I’m black?”
“Watch it pervert, you’re getting close to me!”
“Allen I’m guna die, im guna die, im guna die,” said Donkey with a terrified look on his face.
The elevator comes to a halting stop. There was a moment of disbelief in there faces.
“haha, that was classi,c” said Allen with a giggle.
“Now what,” said Donkey.
“Well I need to do some gambling, and they say you should have a partner,” said Allen with a serious face staring at Martian.
“I got a great idea; I’ll come which you,” said Donkey.
“What about me?” said Martian with a furious face.
“I would love to take the whole wolf pack but I don’t know who to take” said Allen.
“Wolf Pack?” asked Martian with a smirk on his face.
“Owe pick me, pick me, me,” said Donkey.
“Ok fine, but we have to become blood brothers first.”
Allen pulls a switch blade out of his pocket and slices his hand.
“What the…get me outa here,” said Martian.
Donkey and Allen made a hand shake. The elevator doors finally open and Martian scurries out of there.
“You ready to let the dogs out?” said Allen looking into Donkeys eyes.

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