Unnecessary Elevator Experience

April 1, 2010
By Ryan Magdic GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Ryan Magdic GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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“Why is elevator stopping?” asked Jackie Chan as the elevator screeched to a halt.

“I don’t know but that funky lookin’ robot looks like it’s tryin’ to fix it,” said Samuel L. Jackson.

“I think he one who may have stop it, he open da panel and then elevator stop,” said Jackie pointing at the robot.

“Hey funky lookin’ robot you stop the elevator?” asked Samuel.
The robot looks around and says nothing.

“Hey you answer me robot or I’ll beat you into a trashcan! I can’t be late for my yoga class I got stress mayne!” said Samuel.
The robot turns his body and shows a nametag that said R2D2. Samuel got up close to read it and R2 zapped him.

“AHHHH!! What the hell!!” screamed Samuel as he winced in pain.

“Hahahahahaha funny robot.” Jackie laughed.

“Shut it China boy or I will make you pay.”

“What you say me punk?”

“I said shut...” Before Samuel could finish his sentence, Jackie kicked him in the face.

“ Beep beep boop!” R2 said in shock. Samuel got up and tried to act like he wasn’t just kicked in the face.
“Okay, robot, I have had enough open the door,” said Samuel with a tear in his eye.

“He not gunna say anything,” said Jackie.
Samuel was done with all of this. “I’m sick of this monkey fightin’ robot on this Monday to Friday elevator!!”
R2 then played a message: “This is Luke Skywalker and if you’re listening to this then you must have found Yoda. Thank you and R2 will lead you to safety.”

“What?” Jackie and Samuel said in unison.

“How does that help?” asked Samuel.

“I don’t know but I gunna break out of here!”
Jackie proceeded to kick and punch the doors until he passed out from the pain of failure.

“Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep boop boop,’ said R2 sarcastically.

“Can you just let us out of here mayne I got family,” said Samuel.
R2 rolled over to the floor buttons and pushed the DOOR OPEN button and rolled out the doors.

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