Trapped in an Elevator with Severus Snape and Mr. Rogers

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

The elevator doors slid smoothly open and Severus Snape prepared to enter, but paused and scowled darkly as two more people rushed to catch the elevator.
“Please, hold the doors!” said Mrs. Holloway as she rushed to the elevator with Mr. Rogers.
It was the Teacher’s Convention and she was there on a mission to improve her teaching. The three nodded to each other as the elevator gradually started moving, but before it could move much at all, it halted abruptly.

“I wonder what happened?” said Mrs. Holloway with an anxious look on her face.

Snape sneered, “Obviously, this stupid muggle contraption is malfunctioning,” He leaned up against the elevator wall, crossed his arms, and surveyed the other occupants of the elevator irritably, with a glare fixed on his face.
The speakers in the elevator crackled. “We apologize for any inconvenience. The elevator will restart again in a few minutes,” said a women in a nasally tone over the speakers.

“Incompetent,” Snape with sneer on his sallow face.
“Well,” said Mrs. Holloway tentatively, “maybe you two could give some advice while we’re stuck here. You know, one teacher to another.”

Mr. Rogers, looking delighted said, “I would love to help you out. I think all good neighbors should help each other!”

She hesitated. “Well, this is the problem. I have this really incredible class first and second hour on B days and I really wanted to motivate them to work harder and reward them for being so brilliant. Do you two have any suggestions?”

Snape looked almost cheerful, “In my many years of teaching potions class, I’ve found that detentions and taking house points are effective motivators. I’d also recommend threats, insults and mocking their potion making abilities, but you should probably take it one step at a time.” He said snidely as he examined his odd looking pocket watch while Mrs. Holloway gaped at him and Mr. Roger’s frowned sadly.
“It’s such a beautiful day in this neighborhood, so I don’t want to fight.” Mr. Rogers said calmly. “But, on the contrary, I’ve really always believed that games are the best way to encourage someone. You should play board games or color or do some other type of game with your class, so they have fun and teach to be nice to everyone they meet.”

“Are you serious?” Snape said and smiled sarcastically, “Trust me, insults and punishments are the only things that work, especially if you have to deal with a spoiled boy who’s just like his arrogant father and an insufferable know-it-all in your class. No, you need to be intimidating and strike fear into them!” Snape said passionately with a crazed look in his eyes.
Mr. Rogers stared sympathetically at Snape while shaking his head, “You should treat others the way you want to be treated. Be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you.”
Snape scowled, but just then, the elevator jerked and began to move again slowly. As soon as the elevator doors opened he strode out, but then he turned back, “I truly hope that you don’t let this fool misguide you,” Snape said rudely and he turned and moved away as Mr. Rogers ran after him, scolding him all the while.
Mrs. Holloway stepped out of the elevator looking bewildered. Then she shook her head and walked off.

The author's comments:
This is a assignment written for my creative writing class.

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