Trapped in an Elevator

March 29, 2010
By Ellynharris GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Ellynharris GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Hannah Montana traipses into the elevator at the Crown Plaza in New York, only to discover Barack Obama and Tim Allen already inside. Both are quietly chatting in the corner.
“Uh ha ha ha,” Tim says when he realizes who just walked into the elevator. “My daughter watches The Hannah Montana show all the time!”
“Really?” says a thrilled Hannah. “I’m supposed to be on the way to my Best of Both Worlds concert in Times Square tonight! I should get them tickets to my next show!”
“My daughters also love your show. We frequently have Hannah Montana marathons in the White House with our new puppy, Bo,” says Barack in a diplomatic tone.
“Wow, that’s great to hear! I just want all the young women in the world to know that everyone makes mistakes and nobody’s perfect,” Hannah says with extreme expression on her face.
“I really wish this elevator would open, I’m going to be late for Tool Time!” Tim says. “We’re doing an off location episode about renovating houses today in the city.”
“Unfortunately Tim, I do believe this elevator might be stuck,” Obama says. “Don’t worry though, I have the NY fire department on speed dial and I’m sure they will get here quickly.”
“Oh no! All my adoring fans will be so disappointed if I’m late for my concert. I can’t let all the pre-teen girls of America down! I got nerve, but this is just too much!” Hannah proceeds to burst into tears.
“Yes we can, Ms. Montana,” Obama consoles Hannah. “This is our time. We must come together and create a solution to the problem that currently faces us.”
“I can fix it,” Tim gets up and walks over to the elevator doors with his tool belt in hand.
“I’m not so sure that’s a great idea Tim. I’ve seen Tool Time and sometimes your ideas don’t work out.” Obama says while still trying to help Hannah relax.
“It will be fine. See on this one episode of Tool Time, we tried to fix an elevator, I know Al did most of the work, but I still knew what was going on.”
“And did you successfully fix the elevator?”
“I wouldn’t worry about that too much, I mean the elevator we were working on works now. Uh ha ha ha.”
Tim walks over to the door and pushes a button. Suddenly the door bursts open!
“It’s a miracle!” Hannah says as she jumps up and down. “I knew we just needed to keep the faith.”
“I actually fixed something and it didn’t have any adverse reactions!” says Tim.
As they walked out the elevator door and rounded the corner, the red suits of the NY firemen could be seen leaving the front doors of the hotel.

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