Sully, David Cook, and Woody Trapped

April 1, 2010
As David Cook stumbles into the elevator, he whispers, “This is the time of my life.” He was pumped up for the fundraiser for cancer research.
“HOLD THE DOOR!” says a man with a cowboy outfit on.
Two men ran into the elevator. David gave the monster a peculiar look.
“What are you looking at?” says Sully.
David said in a frightened voice, “Nothing, what floor?”
“First floor.”
“Me too,” Woody said.
The elevator was in complete silence until… the lights dimed as the elevator came to a screeching stop.
“What is going on?”
David said, “I have no idea, but hopefully the maintenance team can fix it soon.”
Woody said in a cavernous voice, “Here let’s try to use the emergency phone!”
David grabbed the phone and dialed 911. A lady with a high pitched voice said, “Hi, what is your emergency?”
Then the voice disappeared and the call was disconnected.

“Yea, Woody and I have a meeting to attend in a half hour,” said Sully in a panic.
“We need to get out of here!”
Woody exclaimed, “Come on guys…think.”
“We could climb out the top of the elevator,” Woody said with enthusiasm.
“Woody, that isn’t the way to get out of here,” said Sully.

Woody worked himself up and tried to calm down, but wasn’t able to. He started to get anxious and began to sweat profusely. David and Sully turned their heads in Woody’s direction.
“Is he ok?”
“I don’t think he is” said David
Boom! Woody fell to the floor.
“What is should we do?”
“HELP, HELP” Sully roared
“He is starting to loose color in his face.”

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flagtwiler said...
May 13, 2010 at 9:51 am
yea it was
audeospero/idare2hope/ said...
Apr. 16, 2010 at 7:54 am

Hahaha, that was really funny. :p 

Ok, random question, but did you do this for a class assignment? b/c I have seen a ton of these and they're all from the same place. just wondering. 

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