Vampire Kisses 1

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

I sighed and climbed into Becky's car. It was another day full of meeting up with tons of soccer snobs and trying to avoid Trevor at all costs.
I turned the radio channel to the Rock channel and then was surprised that Becky had the guts to change it back.
Annoyed, but I was also a bit happy that she was beginning to stand up for herself, I plugged into my ipod.
We arrived at school and got to the bleachers in time for Becky to meet up with her jock boyfriend, Matt.
I sighed deeply and sat on the bleachers. How boring was today going to get.
Suddenly a hand covered my eyes and another took my headphones out of my ears.
"Guess who." a velvety voice said,
I laughed. I could recignize that voice any where.
"Raven, I'm still waiting for you to guess." he laughed,
"Ha ha. Alexander, how can you be in the sun?" I asked, I was completly clueless. Vampires+Sun=Dust pile, and another mess for the custodians.
He removed his hands and slid next to me.
"You didn't answer me." I said,
He pulled out a amulet with a blood red stone in the middle of it.
"This is a amulet that vampires have been using for a long time. It makes our vampire powers weak enough that we can walk around in the sun light." he smiled,
I cuddled in his arms and we kissed.
"Oh look! Monster girl brought her pet to school!" Trevor yelled,
His drones laughed at us and pointed.
I got down from the bleachers and walked over to Trevor.
"Bother us one more time and I'll destroy you." I threatened.
"Ooo. I'm shaking." he laughed.
"You should be." I said, I stomped on his foot with my combat boots and turned on my heel to walk over to Alexander.
Trevor was turning red in the face.
"Run." I told Alexander,
We both took off across the feild and towards the school building.
We stopped and saw that Trevor and his goons were no where to be found.
"So, what classes do you have?" I asked,
He took his schedule out of his pocket and handed it to me.
I looked at it. First: Homeroom, Second: Reading Third: Writing Forth: Art Fifth: Study Hall Sixth: Lunch Seventh: Math Eighth: Computers Ninth: Gym/Health
"We have the same schedule." I said,
He looked at me shocked. "No way." he smiled.
I nodded.
The bell wrang to annouce that there were five minutes until fist period.
We departed and headed off to our lockers.
I got my books for the first few classes and then went off to join Mr. Newhart in his horrid class. I'd rather die than be in his class, he always says the weirdest things and half of them don't makes sense.
I sat down next to Becky.
She passed me a note from her notebook.
Did you see Alexander, today? :)
I sighed and took out my black pen, I began to write a reply.
Yes. I saw him. How did you know... where you guys plainning this?
She jotted down a reply.
Ha ha. Yeah. Kind of.
I sighed and then the bell wrang to say class had started.
The door opened and Alexander and Matt came in.
"You two boys are late. Do you have a pass?" Mr. N asked,
They pulled out two slips of paper, and handed them to Mr. N.
Matt sat down next to Becky and Alexander took his seat next to me.
"It looks like we have a new student." Mr. N smiled cruely.
He was going to put Alexander through the evil test.
When we had a new student, Mr. N would take a textbook out of one of the desks and ask random questions.
Mr. N turned on his laptop and began to record attendance.
"Mr. Sterling, could I see you for a moment?" Mr. N asked,
Alexander got up and walked over towards Mr. Newhart.
I sighed and watched as Mr. N got ready for the test. He opened the text book to the Romania section.
"Since it looks like you love vampires so much, lets see how well you can do." Mr. N smiled grimly.


Can Alexander pass? Will Trevor come back for revenge?

The author's comments:
I love Ellen Schreiber's Vampire Kisses so I thought I would make a fan fiction of it! I wondered, what if there was a way that Alexander could still be a vampire, but do things a human can too. So I got my notebook and began come up with a whole new story! This is the First Chapter, what I wish to call it: Surprises

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