It's All Coming Back To Me Now

March 4, 2010
By sharona sarikova BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
sharona sarikova BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
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It's All Coming Back To Me Now

It was beginning of a new chapter in my life. I was entering my junior year at Oaks Hill High School. I entering my junior year. It was tough living my home, school, and friends back in California. I new living a new life, home,school and friends behind would be hard, but now that I think of it doesn't matter anymore. I Libby Cypher was going to make a difference.

I walked to the main entrance, everybody was busy talking to their friends
which I would do too. I opened the door, the school was amazing. I could smell the fresh paint, and cleaned carpet. I knew this school had a great environment. I opened my Juicy Couture bag, and took out my schedule. I had Honors English with Dr. Wolski. I was so anxious to meet my class. I knew meeting a new class was something special. My classroom room was on the first floor.
I had a map to find my classes, because I missed orientation.

I walked in the class, their were only a few people. I spotted my teacher he was a middled aged man, maybe in his late thirties or early forties. He was a tall and much like a gentleman. He was bald or he just cut his hair that way. Everyone was busy in the classroom. So no one payed attention to me. I went up to introduce my self.
''Hello! I'm Libby'' …
''Cypher. I know he replied. I'm Dr, Wolski.''
''It's a trill to meet you.''

''Well it's a pleasure meeting you. You could sit where ever that will make you concentrate better.''

Thank you! I knew from this day forward that I was going to have a good year, until I meet Eric. The class was started shortly. Dr. Wolski started by taking attendance. Our classroom was set up by table two people in one desk. I sat next to a guy named Eric. He was tall and had dirty blonde hair. His body was muscular,and he had a nice smile. I tried to introduce myself, but every time I tried he gave me a strange look. I thought to myself I would he hate me. I'm knew and I never hurt him or break his heart into scattered pieces. The class went really slow he kept staring at me it was so weird. Later on Dr. Wolski made us get into groups to introduce ourselves to one another.

I couldn't find a group so I asked Eric, but he found himself a guy group. So I worked with a different guy. His name was Daniel. He liked so many things that I've never heard of. I over heard Eric talking to his friends about me. Me. He said

''I can't believe she still exists after all those years''. I will repay her , she will feel who she's dealing with. I was totally confused. ''Why was he saying those things about me I don't even know him. I asked Dan about Eric, and why he was saying those things. The only thing he said was ''stay away from Eric.'' But why?''

The day went fast. Dan was my only friend. We had all the same classes. Eric on the other hand was still a jerk. The rest of the day was fast but terrible. I drove home thinking about Eric and what he said, but nothing came clear. There was something about Eric and Dan that I wasn't sure of. I parked my car in the driveway. The moving company was still there. My mom was standing on the front porch talking to the realtor, that she loved the house.

I went in the house, everything was neatly stored and placed in the right place. My mom came in holding a box and a sheet of paper. My mom was like super woman she did so many things at once, and she never got tired. She was a strong and encouraging woman. She advised you in anyway. She made you feel right and not wrong. She was always there for you, and thats what I liked about my mom.

'' Libby can you go to the grocery store and get some food, your little brother been driving me crazy all day saying I'm hungry''. Sure I replied. I didn't have any thing to do,so I went to the grocery store to get my mind of Eric. I took the sheet of paper from my mom and went out. The grocery store was packed with customers. You can hear people talking to the cashier making there last of last groceries. I went around and around the store making sure I've got everything. I made my last selections and went to the counter to pay. The cashier was nice she added and scanned the items that I was going to buy. I gave her the money and headed out the store. I drove slowly, to acknowledge the town. There became traffic, there I sat in the car, and I knew my life was about to change.

I tried to make a U- turn and a car was heading my way I tried to make it an my old position, but there was a car I knew I was about to crash I made the turn and, BOOM, BOOM, CRASH. I lost conscious, glass was scattered every where. I was bleeding terribly. I heard sirens from everywhere. I knew this was the end of my life. I heard my mom,and dad cry. This was it. This was all Eric's fault he made this happen. I kept thinking about him since I got home from school. The doctors put me in a coma and I slept and from there I knew why Eric hated me.

I woke up in a forest full of trees. I looked around and Dan stood there. I was shocked. I felt like fainting but I didn't. ''Don't get scared. He said. Your in the past of your old life. You wanted to know why Eric hated you, right.'' He kept going around me in circles. ''Right I want to know but where am I?'' Your in the year 1838 you meet Eric in this forest. Dan took my hand and brought me in this house, where these two couples lived they were fighting about cheating on another. The man looked liked Eric and the woman looked like me. Now, I knew what happened Eric and I where in love and I cheated on him thats why he wants to take revenge, but why can he remember and I can't. I turned around, everything was revolving. Wind blew in my hair I closed my eyes and reopened them and I was in the hospital again. My mom was at my side. I looked up with heavy eyes. She was so glad to see me alive. I tried to speak but I was weak, instead my mom started to talk. ''Libby I'm so glad that you alright.'' She touched my forehead which was badly damage. I could see that she was worried. The man that crashed with you his okay.

His name is Eric Stiles and he wants to see you. I had to see Eric. I had to make everything clear. Can you call him. I replied weakly. I closed my eyes. I was weak I couldn't move anything in my body. '' I'm sorry Libby'' I opened my eyes. It was Eric. He had a bandage on his forehead, he didn't get injured as bad as me. Eric sat down next to me, touching my hand. ''Libby I didn't mean this to happen.'' '' I know I replied.'' '' The revenge didn't mean this to happen. I know you don't remember, what happened in the past.'' '' I do I replied furiously. Dan took me in the past and showed me what happened. Eric smiled.'' '' I will never hurt you again. Making a car accident bad a bad idea. I loved you and I gave you whatever you desired and you rejected me. I still love you now very much. My heart still desires you and cherishes you.'' Wow, all those things he just said made me to want him. I forgive you Eric, and forgive me in the past. He came close kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly. I was to weak to hug him back. Eric understood everything. I was glad that everything came clear.

6 months later after the crash Eric and I where going out. It was February, it was cold and breezy everyday. Eric and I were super close. He was so polite in every way. He helped me in every thing . I knew that I would never cheat on him ever. I knew that, I Libby Cypher made a change in my life.

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