Three People Trapped in an Elevator

March 29, 2010
By fofanidani PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
fofanidani PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Rocky is on the phone when he gets on the elevator. There is a man who is finishing up on the phone. He has a British accent. There also is this large purple and green dinosaur.

“Yo Adrian, tell Pauly to cancel my match I am not going to make it,” Rocky Balboa said. “Thanks, Bye.”

“You didn’t tell her you loved her,” a purple and green dinosaur said. “Let me teach you a song to sing to her. It goes like this, I love you, you love me. We’re a great big family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Why don’t you say you love me too?”

“That was rubbish. One of the most horrendous auditions I’ve heard today,” said a disgusted Simon Cowell.
Rocky thought it was a catchy song and started to sing it to himself. Rocky had a peaceful but strong voice.
“Wow! That was one of the best vocals I’ve heard today. You’re through to Hollywood.”
“Rocky is over the age limit though.” Barney’s cheeks turned a darker shade of purple.
“Whoa! I never thought a friendly dinosaur could get mad,” Rocky said.
“Yes, I understand that he is over the age limit. That is why I want him to record a cd with my record company label.” Simon smiled from ear to ear.
“This stinks, but congratulations Rocky.” Barney was disappointed.
“Yo, thanks Barney. This is the best day of my life other than beating Apollo creed in a match.”
“Your welcome. I was wondering if I could be your manager?”
“Of Course. I’d love that.” Rocky had a huge smile upon his face.
“Enough chit chat. Rocky, we need to go over paper work and talk about a few things before you can start to write and record songs,” Simon said.
When they got up to the 12th floor Simon and Rocky were walking out talking about the cd. Barney got off right behind them. He felt pretty good being Rocky’s manager. Barney was ecstatic to start a new job. He could teach kids valuable lessons on his show and book events and concerts for Rocky.

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