A trip back home!

March 2, 2010
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I'm running through the fields.My legs scrapped and bruised.From the trees that surround me.Trey's sad face filled my vision,and I whimpered his name.'Why did those people do this to me?I belong with my mom,sister,brother,and nephew.I belong with Trey.'I thought as an after thought.'You guys are possibly wondering who I am and who Trey is?Well for starters I'm Bree,and Trey is the guy I liked at my school before I ran away from it.Why?Cause I'm a freak. I have ears and a tail.And the worst thing is.I HAVE FREAKING WINGS!Yep I can fly.' This one time in gym when I was running.I kind of opened my wings and began to fly.

As everyone watched me soar above their heads smiles plastered their sweaty faces.I smiled down at them."Hey I forgot to mention I could fly!"I yelled down at them."Yeah I think we see that now!"Trey had said with a smile.I smiled back.But when I landed these two guys who looked like models came up to coach.Panic rose in my chest."Coach get away from them there erasers!"I yelled.The two erasers came at me now.Transforming into their ugly wolf form.Their sharp teeth slit my jacket,as they sunk their jaws in my arm.I screamed so loud that only the erasers could hear me.They fell to the ground writhing in pain.I stood in front of the other people in gym.I grabbed one eraser around the throat and threw into the wall.I began to choke it."Don't underestimate my strength!"I yelled in its ear snapping its neck like a twig.

After both creatures lay dead on the ground.A proud painful smile worked its way onto my swollen lips.Blood poured from a head wound on my forehead.When I touched it I almost screamed out in agony of how painful it felt.When I looked back at Trey and them they looked terrified.Of who?Me that's who cause I'm a freak with wings."I have to leave guys!"I piratically yelled.And ran towards the door,leaving behind a sad faced Trey.I stopped I had to tell him now."Trey did I ever tell you that I actually do like you?"I asked him.But before he could answer.I snapped open my wings and was transforming into cat girl.The bell rang so I decided everyone should get to see my secret."Trey tell everyone to come out side?"I asked.He nodded.Everyone even Anna,Angie,Ella,Emily,Sadaya came out."HEY EVERYBODY MY NAME IS BRIANNA EZELL AND I CAN FLY!"I yelled really loud.

Every ones mouths almost hit the floor.So to prove I could I snapped open my wings.Everybody looked nearly ready to faint.I smiled lightly and jumped.I swooped up over head for a moment then yelled my good bye and was gone.

"Ahhhhhh!"I yelled as I fell into the mud.Soon my face was caked with mud and dried blood.Tears fell from my eyes.'Why cant I just go back?'I asked myself.Because everyone knows that your a freak.Last year I went back home to see everyone after I had been gone for two whole years.So lets enjoy this moment cause from this point on it is nothing but a flashback.From when I went home..................
I walked on to West Moore's parking lot.I was happy that I was back.And so was the toddler I carried.The white coats caught me.And made me pregnant,the baby was just like me.But I don't know who the father is.The bell rang,Trey and Anna walked out hand in hand.I almost dropped Ethany.(The toddler.)Trey kissed Anna on the cheek and walked over to his car.I saw Colby and Matt walk out.Kyle right behind them."Hey guys wait up!"He yelled after them.(This is two years later when we are sixteen.)Tears poured from my eyes.So I decide to go home and see my mom and everybody else.When I walked up to my front porch.

I heard Harrison laugh.I looked behind me to see Ryan with his arm around Caitlyn standing next to Sarah.Harrison had his arm around a girl holding a baby.Harrison's mom and my mom were laughing too.Lori standing next to a guy.Jonas at her feet playing with a one year old girl."Momma can I go play with Rachel down by the island?"Jonas asked clear as the day.My mouth was hanging open.My mom looked up at me."May I help you?" she asked.I nodded and walked over to them."Yes do any of you remember me?"I asked hopefully.Harrison and everybody but Rachel and Jonas shook their heads."Your Auntie Brianna right?"He asked.

Everyone looked at him."Jonas Auntie Brianna ran away. Oh look she has a baby.What's her or his name?"Lori asked.I smiled sweetly at them."Her name is Ethany Grace Ezell."I said with a smile.But the girl who Harrison was dating looked stunned."Brianna is that really you or a fake?"The girl asked.Ethany (she's two) decided to speak."You've got some nerve questioning my momma like that!"Ethany shrieked.Everyone looked at her."Brianna what happened to you over the past two years?"Lori asked."Well these guys in white lab coats turned me into a avian/cat and got me pregnant so this is your granddaughter Ethany.So say hi Ethany."I stated bitterly.

Ethany said hi and everyone said hi back.Ethany walked up to my mom."So your Carol?And your Lori and Ryan right?"She asked.My mom sis and bro nodded."Well I'm Ethany and I have wings,want to see?!"She asked happily.Everyone looked at one another and nodded. Ethany snapped open her blokish-blue wings and ran and jumped in the air. She was soon soaring over our heads.

Jonas squealed in delight and said,"Can you fly too Auntie?"I nodded."May I?"I asked Lori,she nodded I scooped Jonas up in my arms and began to fly.He squealed happily being able to soar above peoples heads.I landed next to Ethany.She looked at me then at Rogers big tree. I nodded not knowing if mom would let us sleep in my old room.

We walked towards it."Brianna Roger died last month and Paula moved to Illinois.So me and Andrew moved in,"Lori said.I gaped at them."Okay but I'm going to sleep in the tree me and Eth are tired,"I said.My mom and sis looked at one another."Tomorrow is Tuesday we register you in school,"my mom said pointedly to me. I gaped at her for a moment."Say what now?"I asked dumbfounded."We are going to enroll you for school tomorrow,"my mom said again.I looked at them,and nodded numbly.'Me back in school?'I thought to myself.

So ,mom said goodbye to Marla and ushered us towards the house."But Mrs.Carol I never got a chance to introduce myself!"Harrison's girlfriend yelled.I handed Ethany to Lori."Hello my name is Bree and yours?I asked conversational.She smiled bitterly at me wanting obviously to rub something in my face."Its me Breanna you know Todd's twin sister,"she stated mater-of-fact.

I looked at Harrison through my lashes."So you and Harrison have a baby?"I asked curiously.She nodded at me.An evil smile worked its way onto my lips,"So you got layed by a dude that only loves soccer?"I asked laughing so hard I almost fell over.Harrison cracked a smile at that one."You are defiantly Brianna,"he said in between his laughs.I nodded sharply at him.I turned and walked back up to Ethany who jumped out of Loris arms into mine."Her name is Crystal!"He yelled.I looked at him and nodded.
I woke up in my old room.I rolled over and got up it was around five-sh.I got dressed in some clothes my mom got me last night at Wal-Mart.I put on my Mary Jane's.I walked up to school my mom pulling me with her.I have long brownish-blond hair with blond highlights."Mom please don't give them my real name cause when I ran away I told all of the eighth grade,I reminded her.She nodded.We walked into the office.Since I have the ability to hide my wings,ears and tail.I asked to be put in cheer and gym.The lady said I could start today.So I ever so gracefully walked into my first hour,gym.The first person I noticed was Anna and Trey.Oh and even Angel off to the side.I handed my schedule to the teacher.Her name was Mrs.Wilson."Everyone this is Terra Smith,the she announced everyone was starring at me.Some of the cheerleaders and pom girls were looking enviously at me.Because I was prettier than them.

She put me right next to Trey."Hello I'm Trey.Do I know you?"He asked looking at me.I shook my head.The teacher told us to go get dressed.I put on some shorts and my cheer shirt over a tank top."I'm Anna,"Anna said beside me.I smiled sweetly at her.Angel walked over but before she could even speak,"Anna don't you recognize me?"I asked sadly.She shook her head.So I grabbed her and Angel and pulled them toward the back."Don't tell Trey that I'm back,but,"I looked around me,"Its me Bree,I said Anna and Angels faces lit up with excitement."Oh my gosh it is you!"Angel cried and hugged me.She began to sob into m shoulder.I pulled her away and looked at her."See I told Anna that she shouldn't date Trey that you would come back,"she said glaring at Anna.Anna looked at me,"I'm not giving him back,"she said bitterly.

I looked at her like she was crazy.I nodded as if to say 'I don't care.'Trey and the others walked out.We ran for three minutes.When we stopped,we went to our teams.Of course I was on Treys team,so was Angel and Anna.'Anna is so different than when I knew her in eighth grade.'I thought silently.

I walked lazily to my moms car after school."How was your day sweety?"My mom asked sweetly."Okay I guess,"I said tiredly.Ethany was in the back seat trying to squirm out of her seat."Hey mom me and Eth are going to fly home,"I explained.I opened the back door and pulled her out.She smiled gratefully at me.We went towards the back of the school.She transformed first.(Ethany has long black hair with blue-sh wings.And I have brown/golden hair with gold colored wings.)As we soared over the school I noticed Trey and Anna talking by his car.I heard him say."Anna what are you talking about we both saw her leave,and besides after she left you broke like a crayon.Everyone saw how you change three days after she was gone.You went out with Colby and even kissed him.And now we're dating,"he snapped at her.

I told Ethany to fly on home and tell my mom I'll be home later.I flew down near Trey and Anna,Colby,Matt,and Kyle were with him."Hey guys,"I said landing right next to Anna.Colby and the others looked stunned."Bree?"Trey asked.I nodded solemnly.A loving smile appeared on Colby Matt and Kyle's faces."So you did come back?"They all asked at the same time.I once again nodded."So do you have a you know a boyfriend?"Colby asked.But before I could even answer Ethany flew into me.Almost knocking me over."Mommy I'm hungry can we go eat at McDonald's?"She asked into my neck."Sure sweety,"I said kissing hr on the head."Oh by the way this is my daughter,Ethany,"I stated simply placing her on the ground.She smiled mischievously up at Colby."You can't date my mommy,"she said angrily at hem.. A sad smile twisted at my lips.
And of course after being chased for several days I fled my home. Ethny and me moved farway. That trip home was the worst idea of my life.

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KaniusOne said...
Mar. 7, 2010 at 8:31 pm
Nice, Karma! Really great Max fic.
Karma replied...
Mar. 7, 2010 at 9:45 pm
Thanks so much!
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