VG High Chapter 3

February 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Chapter 3: The dance with no music.

Jeff turned around and saw who had stopped him. It was a guy in a white trench coat and white pants. On his head was a white hat on. Jeff realized it was…Michael Jackson from the 1990’s Sega Genesis video game called Moonwalker, which was based of a movie called Moonwalker starring Michael Jackson.

“Come in my office,” Michael said.

Jeff walked into the music room. The music room was pine wood floor. There was a jukebox and a bookcase with music CDs on them. Jeff followed Michael into his office. Jeff took a seat in one of the chairs.

“Sir may I ask why I’m here,” Jeff asked.

“I over saw the events before the morning bell,” Michael said, “I notice that you out of all the students had something I haven’t seen in years.”

“What might that be,” Jeff asked.

“Someone who can dance like me,” Michael answered, “I need your help to prepare the dance coming up tomorrow.”

“Dance, what dance,” asked Jeff.

Michael got out a flyer and handed it to Jeff. Jeff looked at it. It said:

Come one come all to the opening semester dance. There will be food and punch. Dance the night away. Bring a date or come alone and dance you legs off. Plus, a contest to see who is the new Moonwalker for the year. For further information, please contain Michael Jackson in the music room.

“Whoa,” Jeff said, “This is neat, but why do you need help with it?”

“Because, we don’t have music for the dance,” said Michael.

“What,” Jeff asked, “You got like hundreds of CDs in that room.”

“I know, but this room is locked, during the dance,” said Michael, “That way no one breaks in and trashes this place. Also I’m not allowed to use the CD’s you saw out there, due to certain reasons. So every dance is the same. NO MUSIC! FAILURE AFTER FAILURE!”

“WHAT,” Jeff said, “No music, but how are people suppose to get down with their bad selfs? You’re the Smooth Criminal for crying out loud. How are we supposed to make those lovers feel like they’re in heaven? You’ve been hit by something smoother than you. I’m just might be the guy that can help you. Check it out Michael.”

Jeff didn’t know what he was getting into, but he didn’t care. He started dancing several of the Michael moves. He did the leg kick, the knee slap, and other moves you name it. .

“That was amazing,” Michael said, while clapping, “You can help me turn this dance around. I just need you to bring this list of music to the dance.”

Jeff took the paper and saw a list of songs.

“Don’t worry about putting them in order,” Michael said, “I’ll do that myself. Oh by the way you should enter the contest during the dance. See you later, I’ll be looking for you and your date.”

Jeff didn’t hear the last part, but he started back for homeroom. Then he heard the intercom come on.

“All freshmen students please report to the auditorium please,” said the speaker.

Jeff put the paper up in his pocket and ran for the auditorium.

The author's comments:
Here's chapter 3. Hope you like it.

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