Only For You

February 9, 2010
Only You
I screamed as Edward Masen, pop sensation, took the stage. Finally. I’d only been waiting in line for his concert since…since six in the morning. Yeah, I was one of those crazy devoted fan girls who showed up at every single one of his public appearances. I was sure that I had no original life. My life was all about him and everything he did.
I wasn’t fan-crushing on him because he was just the most gorgeous creature God has ever put on this earth—though that was certainly what attracted me to him in the first place. I loved him for more than just his looks and music. I’ve seen all his interviews, read all the articles. He was so pure and perfect…sincere. That’s the word I’m looking for.
Edward stepped up to the microphone, smiling at all the screaming fan girls. There had to be thousands of them and their parents. My mom was sitting back in the seats. I’d taken it upon me to get just in front of center stage—where Edward would undoubtedly be singing most of his songs.
“Hello Seattle!” Edward yelled into the microphone. It might have been absolutely ridiculous that he screamed into something that magnified his voice, but with all the shrieking in the auditorium, he had to scream to be heard. The noise level increased considerably at the sound of his voice. I myself contributed to it more than enough.
“How’re you all doing tonight?”
Everyone screamed in response.
He laughed. “Are you ready to get this party started?” he asked loudly.
Again screaming. He’d been on stage for ten seconds and my voice was already hoarse. He was only ten feet from my finger tips—I couldn’t believe how close I’d managed to get to him today. With luck, I’d be able to touch his hand when he reached it out into the audience.
He looked so beautiful with his crooked smile, emerald eyes, and tousled auburn hair. God, I wish he knew I existed. Wasn’t it unfair to be so wholly in love with someone when they didn’t even know you were alive?
“Edward!” I screeched. You know, I could’ve sworn his eyes flickered to mine for a split second, making his smile widen. But maybe I was just flattering myself to believe he saw me.
“Alright, alright.” He cleared his throat and the audience died down marginally. “As you all know, tonight is the last night of my tour, so I won’t be doing any public appearances for a while. Even I need a break.”
While the crowd roared on around me, I just stared at him. He was so down to earth.
He laughed again. “Anyways, I want to thank you all for coming out tonight, and I hope you enjoy the show.”
With that, he started strumming on the guitar that was strapped on his shoulder and the audience—including me—screamed with excitement as he began to play his first number one hit, The One I’m Looking For.
I knew all the words to all his songs. As his concert wore on, I screamed the lyrics out as he sang. After the third song or so, he stopped to talk a little more to the still shrieking girls. I continued to gape and screech his name excitedly. I would worry about my obsession if I actually cared I was this insane.
“Are you all having fun?” he asked, panting a little from the fast-paced music he’d just sang along to.
Of course, everyone screamed in response.
“Great! I have never done this before, but I’ve noticed a certain girl down here that I’ve seen at all my shows. Every time I look out into the audience, she’s there. It’s because of fans like her and her dedication that keep me and my music going strong; I want to ask her to come up and sing my next song with me. ”
The place was the loudest yet. Girls screamed in my ears as they pushed at Edward. I had to cling to the stage just so I wouldn’t get shoved backward into the crowd.
“Miss?” he had his hand extended straight out towards me and five other girls. Jealousy surged through me as I kept my death grip on the stage and the others grabbed at his hand. Who else had attended his concerts more than me? I’d been to every single one of his concerts. Why was she getting the privilege of being on stage with the most amazing person I’ve ever heard of?
Abruptly, I was shoved very hard in the side by an older woman with a butt the size of Mars. My hold on the stage was destroyed and I was pushed back. Desperate, I reached my hand towards my idol as I was swept further and further away from him.
Edward extended his hand out further and it barely brushed my fingertips. Alarm crashed down on me as I stared at him open-mouthed. From the way he was smiling at me, I could only assume he was laughing, though I couldn’t hear it over the screaming.
“Will you come up on stage with me?” he asked into the microphone, his hand still touching mine slightly.
Yep. He was definitely talking to me. Even though I knew this, I pointed at myself and mouthed the word ‘Me?’ He looked like he was laughing again and nodded.
A few of the security guards keeping the fans off the stage had to push back girls who were trying to leap onto the platform as I pushed forward with all the force I could manage. One guard shoved the large woman who’d caused me to lose my spot to the side, allowing me to grasp the stage again.
Edward Masen’s hand slipped around my wrist as he pulled me onto where he stood. I couldn’t help but be dumbstruck by his beauty; I’d never been this close to anyone so gorgeous and famous. Well, actually, we could go with gorgeous or famous.
He smiled and I nearly fell over.
“What’s your name?” he asked into the microphone.
He held it out to me and I stared at him and spoke shakily into the voice-magnifier. “Er, Bella Swan.”
“Well, Bella,” he smiled at me, talking back into the mic, “will you sing Only You with me?”
Okay, this had to be a dream. Only You was his newest single, and it was also the best song in the history of ever, not to mention he sang it as a duet with the famous Tanya Denali whose voice was probably ten million times more amazing than mine. But Edward Masen was asking me to sing with him and I couldn’t say no.
I nodded my head and he smiled at me. Funny enough, the rest of the room did not exist. All I could see was Edward next to me, smiling at me, looking at me—like in all my wildest dreams—and handing me a microphone so that I could sing with him in front of thousands. I was too dumbstruck to smile back at him, but I hoped that I would get a chance later to talk to him after his concert, and tell him how much I absolutely loved him.
“Okay everyone, this is Bella Swan, and she’s from…” he trailed off, looking at me so that I could fill in the blank.
“Phoenix, Arizona,” I replied into the microphone. Was my voice really that shaky? It boomed all over the large auditorium and just hearing it made me blush. Edward laughed again and my face turned even redder.
“She’s from Phoenix,” he told the audience. “Let’s all give her a round of applause for accompanying me up here tonight.”
To my intense surprise, I heard lots of people screaming in reply—screaming my name—and a loud, thunderous clapping echoed around the stadium. This was way intense for me. I was suddenly in front of hundreds of thousands of people and they knew my name and where I came from and that I was obviously an enormous fan of Edward Masen himself. I would never, never forget this night.
Edward took my hand and I thrilled at his touch, too shocked to do anything but follow him stupidly as he tugged me to the keyboard sitting on one side of the stage. He grabbed the stool he had sat to sing one of his ballads on earlier and implied that’s where I should sit. He, himself sat on the keyboard bench and the crowd quieted instantly as his fingers started to dance across the keys.
And he sang. And I sang. And that's the night my life changed.

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cupcakess said...
Jul. 13, 2012 at 8:33 pm
ok i posted just a while ago XD umm but i saw the authors note just then and i saw that you are the author who posted on fanfiction :D yehh so could you please please please post the rest up or email me a copy because i loved this story, it was one of the first ones that i read and i loved it and never forgot it... but i forgot the name ==; but i've been trying to find it for a while. thank you so much if you do :)
cupcakess said...
Jul. 13, 2012 at 8:24 pm
hi, i couldn't help but notice this is exactly the same as a story on called superstar, the first chapter's even called only you. i was wondering if you were the original author? if you are i was wondering if you post the rest or send it to my email, because it was taken down or deleted off fanfiction? 
kielymarie said...
Aug. 15, 2010 at 11:37 am
This is great! I love the line "best song in the history of ever". Great job!
Rosalie said...
Mar. 7, 2010 at 6:48 am
i love this!
I'm a twilighter too:)
and i love taylor swift!
can you read some of my work too?
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