Cha-Cha: The First Dance

February 16, 2010
By teamsbwriter SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
teamsbwriter SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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The lights dimmed and her heart began to beat fast and hard against her chest. Sabrina took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a second. The music started playing again and the contestant before her just got her scores. Sabrina and Mark went out the door leading to the dance floor.

“Ready,” Mark asked.

“As I’ll ever be.”

“Do you trust me?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m sure.”

“Alright. Let’s do this then.”
She heard the opening to her dance and the rest seemed like a blur. The song took her away and Sabrina began to relax. Before she knew the finale had come and she felt amazing. Sabrina gave it her all and at that point her pounding heart could be felt throughout her whole entire body. Mark and Sabrina had a standing ovation. She bowed as she walked back to Tom with Mark by her side. She could hear Kiely and Adrienne cheering. Sabrina knew her two best friends’ voices and laughter better than most people. Her parents were there and they would always be there for her. Tom called them over and congratulated them for their amazing dance. Carrie- Ann, Len, and Bruno were looking around. Bruno had a reaction that she felt could be a bad thing. Tom started with Carrie-Ann.

“I’ve got to tell you…too much hip-hop. You’re amazing at hip-hop but this is ballroom dancing.”
She knew the judges would make a comment on her hip-hop routine in there. Carrie- Ann finished with amazing comments. Then Tom called on Bruno to talk.

“Sabrina. You’re a bewitching blonde dynamo,” Bruno yelled, “I’ve have never seen anything like it in Season 1 ever. I’ve been doing this for 10…27 years now.”
Sabrina felt amazing. Her heart was beating and she felt like it was about to burst from her chest. She laughed as Tom called on Len to comment. He had the same comment as Carrie-Ann, which was too much hip-hop. Tom told them to go back to get their scores. Sabrina was nervous to see her first scores. This set the bar for her. The judges said their scores one at a time. Carrie-Ann was a 9, Len was an 8, and Bruno was a 9. It was a 26 out of a possible 30. She had just set a record for the highest score ever in Week 1. Drew Lachey congratulated her on her amazing cha-cha.

“Do you want to go to dinner to celebrate,” Mark asked.

“I’m going out with my family and the Cheetahs, but you can come with us.”

“Alright. When is the reservation?”

“It’s at 10:00, we picked that time because the show isn’t over until 9:00 and I need to change.”

“See you then.”
She felt stupid for point out the obvious. Of course everyone knew that the show ended at 9. Sabrina walked to her trailer where The Cheetahs and her parents were waiting. Kiely and Adrienne came over and hugged her as soon as she walked in the door.

“Amazing,” Kiely said, “you two were great together! I was so shocked. All of those hours of rehearsal paid off.”

“Thanks Ki Ki,” Sabrina said, smiling.
Sabrina was glad her family and two best friends were there to support her. This was hard transitioning from hip-hop to ballroom in just a week. This was going to be a journey she would never forget.

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