Day Seven

February 16, 2010
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It was her first dress rehearsal and didn’t know what would become of it. Sabrina’s long blonde hair was in curls. She was wearing a nice dress, but it was a bit too high. The designers had wanted to make it a bit more revealing, but she felt that she needed to stay true to her fans. It was 7 in the morning and she was ready to go. Mel was first, then Marie, and the list went on. She was going to be 4 in the afternoon, give or take a few hours. Sabrina just wanted it to be over with, so that she could go back to the hotel to relax so that she can be calm tomorrow. She went to the dance floor seats, where no one could see her. Sabrina wanted to see her competition. For tonight the line up was all of the women and then tomorrow would be the men. Sabrina felt sick to her stomach because she was so nervous. She hadn't been this nervous since she was 12 when she first auditioned for a TV show. To get a little peace in her mind, she went to the back row of chairs and watched a few of the other women perform. A few rehearsals passed and it was almost her turn. Sabrina realized that there wasn't really anything to worry about. All of the celebrities were good but Mel B stood out to her the most. Mel B would really be her competition out of the women, she thought. She relaxed a bit having watched the others perform.
"Sabrina," she heard Mark call for afar, "where are you?"
She got out of the seats and went out the way she came in and ran into him.
"There you are," he said when he saw her, "It is time for you to get ready for dress rehearsal."
"I'm already set to go out on the stage."
"Right. Let's go to your trailer to talk. Just to calm our nerves."
"Okay. Let's go."
They were walking in silence to her trailer and she felt like Mark was hiding something from her. Sabrina looked up at Mark and was about to break the silence, but he looked so concentrated that she didn't want to break that. When they reached her trailer, she took a deep breath. Sabrina didn't know what he wanted to talk about, but he seemed so serious at this point. She grabbed the door handle and opened the door. When she opened the door all the way, she saw Adrienne and Kiely standing there. The three girls screamed when they saw each other.
"We've missed you Sabrina," Adrienne said.
"I've missed you all too. When did you guys get in? Why didn't you text me about this?"
"We wanted to surprise you. We got in about an hour ago when you had gone missing. Where were you anyways?"
"I was watching the others in rehearsal," she admitted.
The girls were happy that they were with each other. A knock came from the door.
"Ms. Bryan," a voice called.
Sabrina got up and answered the door. It was the stage manager.
"It is time for your rehearsal. We have a lot of blocking to do."
"Alright," she said and then turning to Mark said, "Ready to go?"
"Yeah. I'm ready to go."
The two left Kiely and Adrienne for their rehearsal. For Sabrina, the day wasn't half bad.
Mark and Sabrina danced and danced their hearts out. It was the love of dance that Sabrina couldn't fight. She felt every time she danced she had wings and was flying high in the sky.

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Ally25 said...
Mar. 7, 2010 at 2:19 pm
This was a little confusing..I understand that its day seven but you could have gave a little back up info....good job over all though.
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