Day One

February 16, 2010
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Sabrina Bryan came up to the hotel she was staying at for Dancing With The Stars. She walked into the lobby where she Mr. Las Vegas and Mel B. Sabrina was a huge fan of the Spice Girls when she was younger. She wanted to run up and ask for Mel’s autograph, but kept her cool. Growing up, she wanted to be Scary Spice or Sporty Spice. She learned some of her dance moves from them. Mel B went into the hotel’s elevator and disappeared. Sabrina took out her iPhone and texted Kiely telling her that she saw Scary Spice and that she would be competing with her. Kiely texted back saying that it was going to be an amazing experience for her to dance with one of her idols. As Sabrina was reading that she got another text message from Kiely. It said I miss you. She didn’t want to start crying, but she felt a hot tear run down her cheek. Sabrina wiped it away and took a deep breath. She walked over to the counter to check in. Sabrina wanted to get into her hotel room so she could relax for a few hours until her first rehearsal. It was Mark’s first time on the show, but his dad had been on the show and had gotten champion plenty of times. Sabrina was confident that Mark would be a very good partner for this competition. She had never seen him before and wasn’t sure what his personality is like. Brushing her blonde bangs from her face, she took her room key and went to the elevator. Her iPhone was ringing. It was her mom and dad calling her.

“Hello,” Sabrina said into the phone.

“Hi, honey,” her mom replied, “Did you get in alright?”

“Yes Mom. I’m at the hotel and have the key. I’m in the elevator right now,” she said as she walked into the big elevator.

“Alright. I’ll let you get to your room so you can unpack everything and get settled in.”

“Alright. I love you mom.”

“I love you too baby girl.”

Her mom had said her goodbye as Sabrina hung up her iPhone. She pushed the tab down so she didn’t have to hear it ring anymore. Sabrina was homesick and it had only been 3 hours since she left home. The elevator reached the 14th floor and she got out. The hallway of the floor went two ways and both look comfortable. She looked in front of her at the sign. Her room was 1510 and she had to go to the left. As soon as she turned left, her room was there to the right. She slid her key into the slider on the door. She swung the door open and found her bags sitting there at the foot of one of the queen size beds. Sabrina sat on one of the beds, taking off her heels. She had on her dark blue tank top and her light blue camisole. She had her fraternity symbol of an anchor as her necklace. Sabrina had her dark blue jeans on and tan high heels. The alarm on her phone went off that meant it was time to head to the studio to met Mark. She turned off her phone’s alarm and grabbed her workout bag.

“Dang it,” she said as she ran out the door.
Sabrina was running late and didn’t know how bad traffic would be. Mark was probably going to be there and he would be waiting. She hated making people wait. Sabrina went to her car in the parking lot and got in. She went as fast as she could while avoiding a ticket. Today just wasn’t her lucky day. Sabrina turned off of the highway and into the studio’s parking lot. There was no sign of any one being here. She got out of the car and ran into the studio. There was a hallway of doors with letters on them. The notification she received via email said room Z. She looked at the letters on the doors as she walked down the long hallway. Sabrina came to room Z at the end of the hallway. She grabbed the silver doorknob and took a deep breath. Sabrina began to feel like her stomach was dropping, but knew that it shouldn’t distract her from this competition. It would be like The Cheetah Girls, except it would be ballroom dancing; there wouldn’t be any singing or Kiely and Adrienne. She walked into the room where Mark was spinning and landed. He looked up and walked over to her handing her flowers. All she could say was the obvious to him and smile. She walked over to the middle of the room as Mark explained what the origins of the cha-cha were. The camera was on Mark and her. Sabrina listened and tried to avoid looking at the camera for now. Her focus was the dance and nothing else. He showed her some of the moves he had come up with for the dance.

“Do you think you can do that,” he asked.

“Alright. Looks simple enough. Let’s do this.”
She tried the dance moves and it felt like a foreign language with her feet. Sabrina stopped for a second and looked down at her attire.

“I hate to interrupt, but I need to change.”
He showed her where the bathrooms where so she could change. Sabrina left and rushed to change. She forgot what she had in her bag. Sabrina slipped on her dark blue anchor shirt and red sweatpants with a white sweatshirt tied around her hips. She knew it was time to become a better dancer and now she was on her way.

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