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February 16, 2010
By teamsbwriter SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
teamsbwriter SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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Another birthday had come and gone in a blink of an eye. She was 23 now and couldn’t believe it. She sat on the beach, the sun setting, watching the waves roll in and out, and letting the sound create a calm feeling inside. Rocky, her adorable shizu, was lying next to Sabrina on her towel. Sabrina let her blonde hair blow in the wind as she closed her eyes. Soon, she would be very busy promoting the new Cheetah Girls album and would be a contestant on a show on ABC. Sabrina was going to be part of the show Dancing With The Stars, not knowing what would come of this experience, all she knew was that it would help her grow as a dancer. She had been doing hip-hop her whole life and never truly bothered to learn how to do ballroom dances, except for the time she did a tango with Golan Yosef for The Cheetah Girls’ movie. It had been fun doing the tango, so the other dances should be as well. Sabrina had picked it up so quickly when she had done the movie, that it only took about 2 takes to film that. Her mind flooding with thoughts of what this show would be like and what her partner, Mark Ballas Jr, would be like. Rocky moved and it startled her. She looked over to see Adrienne and Kiely, the two other Cheetahs, heading her way. They had their beach stuff with them.

“Hey Sabrina,” Kiely called.
She waved back in response. Sabrina knew if she were to talk everything on her mind would pour out of her body. She missed the days when they just had The Cheetah Girls and school to worry about. The two other girls lay down their towels and sat down next to her. Sabrina, Adrienne, and Kiely looked at each other without saying a word and looked back out in the waves and the beautiful red, orange, and yellow sunset. In a few days she wouldn’t be able to sit on this beach and relax. Sabrina would be in rehearsals. Rocky had his head on her knee and sighed. Sabrina put her hand on his head and looked down at Rocky. She and Rocky both yawned and Sabrina knew it was time for her to head home. Sabrina needed all the sleep she could get. She got up and brushed some of the sand off her body.

“You leaving,” Kiely asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, “It is time for me to get home. I need all the sleep I can get before I go on Dancing With The Stars.”

“Alright,” Adrienne said, “See you later?”

“Maybe. I’ve got a lot of packing I need to do before I leave for the show.”
The girls said their goodbyes. Sabrina took Rocky’s leash and clipped it on to his collar. Sabrina picked up all of her stuff and left for her house. She looked back at Kiely and Adrienne as Sabrina and Rocky walked off towards her car. Sabrina didn’t want to leave her friends, but Dancing With The Stars would be a great experience for her as a dancer. She wanted to grow as a dancer, but she couldn’t help but miss her friends. Sabrina had been a Cheetah Girl for years now. She started with Disney at the age of 19 and now being 23 made it 4 years now. Dancing With the Stars would be a 10-week thing, if she didn’t get eliminated first.

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