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Blood and Silver

October 10, 2019
By Anonymous

Blood and Silver

During all of the transfers, Psy-Flake was sent off to perform experiments for the lab.

“Psy! Report for duty!” Shouted one of the lead scientists over a loudspeaker.

“This is Psy! Reporting for duty!” Psy shouts in return towards the microphone.

“It’s about time. Do you at least know what to do?”

“N-No... I was just sent here.”

The scientist sighed, “Should have known. You have been tasked with building the perfect bionic suit of armor.”

Psy looked puzzled but perked up quickly, “That’s a little easy for a person like me. Are you sure that’s my task?”

Suddenly, a panel in the roof started to lower down. Upon the panel, sat a half-destroyed body. The body was missing most of its left arm with the bones and muscles exposed. The face was burnt and contorted to an unrecognizable state. The lower torso was torn off, leaving the intestines dropping out onto the table. The right arm’s bones were shattered and unlikely to ever heal. Blood poured out of almost all the holes in the body. The muscles that are left twitch and bend at random intervals. The smell of rotting flesh and blood filled the air, gagging Psy almost instantly.

“W-What is that!?” Psy-Flake asked choking back vomit.

“That, my friend, is what’s left of the soldier Buck Beckham. He was blown up by a grenade and left to rot. Now, this is what’s left.” The lead scientist announced. “This is your test subject!” He adds.

Psy gazes around the barren room to avoid looking at the body. It’s a box. Without a door, one could easily get lost inside. With the only defining feature being alone window upon the upper level of the tall room. The room is a pure white, even the door is white, now covered in red from the blood. There are no markings, color, or special indicators of which ways. The window is a special one-way mirror one. The scientists can see in but whatever is trapped here can't see them.

The scientist says “Now, we know that you need unique tools but I believe that these should be should suffice.”

Another panel in the ceiling comes down slowly, bringing down a box full of gadgets and other essential tools for metalworking.

“You will have three days to build a robotic suit for the body. Make it durable and as indestructible as possible.” Another scientist says.

Psy notices the difference between the voices. The lead Scientist had a deep, dry, raspy voice. While the assistant scientist has a higher, more upbeat, voice.

The assistant then continues “Don’t rush though, we need the best work you can give us!”

His voice sounds worried as if he expects Psy to try and fly through this.

Psy looks at the window, “Well it just so happens that my next three days don’t have plans so, I guess I’m stuck here.”

With that said, Psy begins to build cybernetic armor.

The author's comments:

This is simply part of a book I'm writing.

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