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I Belong to the Stars
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Laria gazed down at the scars on her fingers. They glistened under the unforgiving moonlight, each gleam another little pinprick on her already wounded heart. Perhaps it couldn’t be classified as simply wounded now. Some days, she wondered if... (more »)
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Unexpected Attack?!
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I was running down a lone street, the wind rustling behind me. There wasn’t a single soul in the vicinity and the silence gave off an eerie feeling. I was already scared out of my mind and the surroundings didn’t help to ease that fact. I... (more »)
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For Them
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The clock reads 3:45am. If I fall asleep right now, I’ll have three hours of sleep. More than last night. I will my eyes to close and count down from 100. At 36 I peak. 3:47. At 0 I open my eyes again and fix my stare to the ceiling, watching... (more »)
Subsection: Realistic Fiction  
King Hamlet's Soliloquy This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
What serpent sting lends its pain to mine ear? What knave hath awoken my precious sleep? Aye, these markéd steps in the markless snow Mark Claudius as brutal foe! O! What Cain this vile villain be! He hath ate Apple green, of jealousy! To... (more »)
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It Was Comic Con
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We screamed when the tickets came in the mail. We cried when we got the news. She told us to sell the ticket and we did. “Use the money for comics,” she said. She helped us with our costumes the morning of. She sewed up the tear in... (more »)
Rainy Eyes
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My socks were wet. Maybe because I was in the rain. Maybe because of my tears which I let trickle from my eyes to my chin and which then proceeded to drop and seep into the cotton of my socks. It’s very uncomfortable to have wet socks. It’s... (more »)
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It was her first day, and she was naturally a curious person. When she saw him sitting at a Social Justice Booth, running his hand over his pointedly long hair and gesturing wildly to a couple of equally fresh college freshmen, it was only natural... (more »)
Subsection: Romance Articles  
The Promise That Killed Me
By , Worcester, MA
I stood there, surrounded by a pile of my own blood. I couldn’t take it anymore. The stress from all of my family, so-called “friends”, and school. So I decided to take away some pain. I looked to the mirror. I was tall, with my ginger hair... (more »)
How to be Happy
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Smile, darling. If you genuinely wish to feel alive, you’ve got to keep your lips tinted upward, whether it’s seven in the morning on a late winter day or nearly dusk after a beautiful summer night. Every day, as you wake up and make your... (more »)
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The girl looked down, staring into the white gaps of space that served as eyes for her shadow. The black form stared up at her, face unmoving. Of course it was unmoving. It was a shadow. It followed her every movement, always by her side.... (more »)
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Statues of Saints Long Dead
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Joe’s hands fidgeted at his side, constantly feeling for a vibration from the silver iPhone sitting in his pocket. He stood at a street corner, looking left to right, straight ahead, then left and right again. He was careful, especially in a... (more »)
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"Home is Where the Heart is"
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As the raindrops fall harder and harder, I realize I can no longer tell if my face is wet from tears or from the downpour. I search around, desperately looking for a street sign, a familiar face, anything to tell me where I am. Everything is a... (more »)
Subsection: Realistic Fiction   7 comments
I Don't Like Going to Zoos
I don't like going to zoos. I never have. The sight of the animals there – I cannot describe it. It haunts me, and amid all the children's laughter, shouts, exclamations, amid the clamor and joy accompanying expeditions there, warm... (more »)
Subsection: Realistic Fiction  
I was gone
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All I could think of was air. It became my first and last thought. It was December 2001. My parents had spent the past two months working extra shifts to ensure my brother Alex and I had the best Christmas, as for the past three years one or both... (more »)
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I move a piece of hair to the side; it makes things easier. I want everything to be that simple. Do you remember when you told me we would rush studies, because life was that anyway? A rush? I do, and I wish that day, I would've told you to... (more »)
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119 Heart Beats
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“It is defiantly an acute angle.” My mechanical pencil bounces against my spiral notebook thirty times a minute. Once every two seconds- each time the clock’s second handle clicks loudly. Only 246 seconds until the class ends. I will... (more »)
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