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7 and I I Die
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So once upon a time there was a magical horse and his power was that he could grant seven wishes. However, when the seven wishes were all granted, he would die. This horse was a huge deal to everyone who knew about it, but the thing was that... (more »)
Her Brown-Eye Boy
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I met him, he was breath taking, and his curly black hair made him look even more mysterious with his big brown eyes. He moves closer each step he made my heart goes KA-thump, KA-thump, I breathe in his intoxicating smell and look up into those... (more »)
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                   Trouble   “Are you happy, Keisha,” Shawn yelled at me. You could tell he was very angry. He’s been angry... (more »)
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The Hidden Hurt
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With all the god awful things going on in my life I thought there was no hope. Being only 17 so much had gone on already. It wasn’t just the typical childhood fights with my brother Daniel or falling off my bike. It was memories that scarred me... (more »)
Subsection: Realistic Fiction  
Death and Deception
She couldn’t understand what had just happened let alone why it happened. They stood over him. Blood was sprawled all across the floor. Next to his still body lay the tools covered with the gooey blood that was spilling out of his body. He... (more »)
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Intellectual Chaos
Approximately a year after the innovation of the Easy, Jacob Flood stood in a middle of an endless field of agriculture, next to a small oakwood cabin, only beauties of nature nearby for hundreds of miles. The fresh October breeze brushed and... (more »)
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Too Late for Regrets
It was mid afternoon of a gloomy fall day and it rained like it was the first rain after many years of a drought. The crash of the lamp breaking against the floor-boards echoed inside my head whenever they tortured me with these too frequent... (more »)
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    There she sits. I can’t help but stare. Every day, I sit down in my seat and watch the door, waiting for her to come in. And then she does, every day, at five minutes past the hour, and she sits down. Sometimes, she’ll wear a blue... (more »)
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Operation: Knightfall
By , Gurnee, IL
Padawan Zett Jukassa studied the hologram’s projection that sprung unto life from a circular pod, regarding the flickering and shifting lines as a nuisance to his research on the effective use of Tràkata. The projection had also constantly... (more »)
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My Worst Date
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My Worst Date I remember the doorbell ringing 30 minutes ahead of what I had expected. I was still trying to apply my makeup and I was tripping over my clothing scattered everywhere on the floor. I couldn’t find my other shoe and my... (more »)
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*Jake's POV* Sirens are being blasted as I continued to run through the cold, dark streets. I’m on the run from the cops.  I can’t go to jail again. No, not again. I've been in there for far too long. I’m finally out and I couldn't... (more »)
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For thirteen years I have sat against this hard, brick wall staring at the gum cemented into the walls by the previous residents . Even though the outside of this room was very familiar as it was my workplace before it all happened, I never knew... (more »)
Phil's Valentine
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It was a blurry morning, filled with sweet flower aromas, and still some nooks were quite dark and disconsolate.  Chirping birds were the only ones who disturbed the deadly silence.  Phil was lying soulless.  Surroundings felt callous. Floor... (more »)
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Invasion to the Heart
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She sat there with tears rolling down her pale face as the screams filled of fear surrounded her village. She hid in the forest attempting to keep quiet and fighting every urge to help the people she called family. Her mother's words echoed in... (more »)
Subsection: Historical Fiction  
Texting and Tragedy
                                  Texting and Tragedy       I walked into school and my friend Zara ran over to me jumping and hugging on me . “Guess what guess what!” Zara said with excitement. “What?” I asked.... (more »)
You Should Go For Someone Better
You Should Go For Someone Better “Ugh, it’s him again.” said Charlotte all disgusted.         “I wouldn’t say that,” said Olivia defending him. “Why not,” “I think I have a crush on him” “Olivia, you could do... (more »)
Subsection: Realistic Fiction  
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