November 17, 2008
By , Rochester, NY
As I walked down the narrow path going through the corn feild, I felt like things weren't going exactly good for the farm. Maybe it was the chill that went through me on this hottest of hot summer day, but it might've been the scream that came from the house that caused my chill, and the worry. Either way, I knew life just wasn't going to be the same anymore. The scream came again, only this time it was not a womens scream. The first was most liely my mother an this was my father, for the twins (Caitlen and Moren) had gone out a while ago. Walking back to the house semmed like the only thing to do. But I sat instead, possibly subconsiously knowing what was going on. Knowing that my parents were being murdered by our new psycopthic neighbor. The one who found me here ten minutes later to take me up in his arms and carry my limp body to throw in the river. Maybe he thought I was dead? My wrists were slit from the blade in my pocket. I could not tell what time it was from the sun and the my watch was still in the cornfeild from when I took it from hiding my scars. I could've been midnight, it was dark enough. There were some places i could not go. The polie station, my neighbors house, or to town. Caitlin was most likely dead already, and Moren, who was good friends with this psycotic neighbor, would kill me if he saw me in town. the neighbor was the sheriff and he would find out if i had gone to the station, if he wasn't there when I got there. And going to his house was just plain stupid. I would die soon, migh as well slit my throat myself. So now I am dead, and I thought yo should know one thing: I am coming fo you.

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lizzi98 said...
May 5, 2009 at 12:52 pm
im actually in the middle of writing a novel right now. i could probably finish this. like a ghost story vivian vande velde style.
liz_graham said...
May 3, 2009 at 6:51 pm
thats cool! you should continue writing if not this but another story.
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