A Mouse for Dinner

April 6, 2009
By Anonymous

As the mighty wind swept the entire little village, a small mouse shuddered in a hole underground. He squeaked about, and, gaining courage, came out to the world. There, in front of him, was a big, orange cat, stretching luxuriously. He yawned once and looked at the little mouse with bored yellow eyes.

" So, a mouse. For dinner." the cat muttered with disappointment. hearing that, the mouse trembled.

" So, tell me, would you be hounered to be my dinner? Meow, but dearie me! You seen quite filthy, no offence!" the cat held is shiny black nose with a paw. The mouse still trembled.

" Ah, not much of a talker, are you? Well, I suppose so. Why, you are about to be eaten!" the cat laughed with a voice rather husky.
The mouse peeked out of its hiding little paws and squeaked.

" Oh please, please Mr.Cat, don't eat me, I... I have things to accomplish!"

" Accomplish? Surely, a mouse like you wouldn't be able to accomplish anything!Meow!" the cat laughed once more. The mouse turned red with anger, and cried.

" Aye! I am just a little powerless mouse! But listen, you rude, rude cat! I may be just a mouse, but I have a thing to accomplish! And, I mind you, it's a thing that I can accomplish!" the mouse squeaked again, but this time, with pure anger. With that, the mouse raced to the misty night, accompanied by the bright moonlight. The cat stood there, loss for words. After a while, the cat murmured.

" Huh, I can't even eat a little mouse for a dinner!" then, looking at the direction the mouse ran off to, the cat shouted. " You go head and accomplish that little task or whatsoever of your's!" the cat spat with a much of force, and trotted off to his home, the ' Garbage Mountain'.

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