April 6, 2009
By Jessica Wetzel BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
Jessica Wetzel BRONZE, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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As Zinara stepped off her private jet onto the hot, sandy Selirapos ground, she could see the golden sun blossoming over the trees and the birds twittering and chirping blissfully all around her. Up in the promising distance ahead stood the Fremicila, the all-inclusive yoga and meditation resort. Its main building's shutters were painted a soft baby pink color that had her reminiscent of her childhood after one glance. The building itself was painted a light, minty pistachio green hue that to her evoked remembrance of fairy tales from years past as she looked at it. As Zinara walked through the rolling beach to get to the Fremicila, she knew that she would have a wonderful time during her stay. Even the microscopic bugs flying and buzzing ceaselessly in the cool, misty air did not deter her mind from the complete loveliness of Selirapos and its one resort, the Fremicila.

Zinara stepped up to the small green door, and took one long glimpse at the calm beach. The waves foamed like cool milk and the wind rose and fell to their rhythm. The sky was breathlessly blue, the blazing sun resting peacefully upon it. And the sand looked as if burning to the touch, and sharp as a glittering knife. With a resounding sigh of contentment, Zinara opened the door with her right hand, her red-painted nails gleaming in the sun's light. Inside, the walls were a pale yellow and Van Gogh's sunflower painting rested on the left wall. The floor was made of dark oak wood, and Zinara saw a woman at the front desk. Or rather, it was more of a front chair, because it was a stool and the woman was meditating on the bamboo flute music playing in the background. The woman's name tag read: L. L had long blonde hair and was clothed in jeans and a purple shirt. L also smelled of patchouli oil and laundry detergent.

Not wanting to disturb L to ask for her room keys, Zinara made her way to the yoga room, getting ready for a calm, blissful afternoon at the Fremicila at Serilapos.

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