Moe's Cafe

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

My car broke down in a little town. Just my luck right? I have the biggest interview in a few hours and I will now not be able to make it. I call my boss and simply explain to him my situation. He tells me that it will be okay and that we can re-schedule. I call the tow truck and they got there in about twenty minutes. By the time I got to the shop, I was starving. I have only had breakfast and that was more than five hours ago. I see this little diner across the street. It is called Moe’s Café. It looked pretty nice, and I couldn’t pass on eating.
When I walk in the doors I was disgusted. The smell reeked of fish and body odor. The floors look like they haven’t been mopped in years. The cockroaches were having a party over by the counter, and they brought all of their friends. There was even a dog over by the tables. He was feasting on a mouse that had gotten caught in a trap. There weren’t many people there. I couldn’t blame them. I don’t know why anyone would want to come here, but I was desperate for some food. I sat down at a booth and wiped the crumbs off of my table. I picked up the menu and had a pretty tough choice. I had to get something that wouldn’t literally give me a heart attack. All they had were foods will only fat and grease. They didn’t have any salads or something that could even come close to being healthy. I decided to get a burger. It looked like the only decent thing on the menu. The waiter came up and took my order. Well, it might have been a girl. I really couldn’t tell. She was very heavy set and had moles all over her face. She had a lot of hair on her upper lip, and lower lip. Actually, she had hair everywhere. She smiled at me. Her yellow and brown teeth were all jagged. Not one tooth was straight. When she went to the back to place the order, I turned to see the jukebox. The only songs that were playing were country music. It wasn’t the good kind of country, it was the hillbilly music. There were a few people square dancing in the middle of the floor. That’s when I knew that I wanted out of this crazy place. I looked out the window to see if my car was ready yet. It just got in the shop, so it will probably be another hour or so.
Suddenly this very big man comes up to me and asks me if I would like to have this place. He introduced himself as Moe. He owned the place. He said that he can no longer take care of the place and he would to have someone more responsible. He said that he had been watching me since I walked in and that I look very mature. It kind of creeped me out at first, but then I took it as a compliment. He said that he knows that the food is no good and the place is very dirty. He just doesn’t want it to be replaced as a parking lot. He started telling me the story of how his great great grandfather built this place with his bare hands. The tradition of passing the place down was broken when Moe’s son died in a car accident. He told me that he would give me the place for only $200. That was really all he needed.
I have always wanted my own restaurant. It was actually a good deal too. I knew that I could fix the place up and help Moe out. It was good pay also. I would probably make more here, being the boss of my own company than the job I was going to take at the clothes store. I decided that I would do it. I knew that I could make Moe’s Café a better place to eat and hangout.

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