November 14, 2008
By Ruby Leyva, Oxnard, CA

I woke up with sweat dripping from all over my body. My breathing was heavy as my heart was thumping loudly in my chest. I squinted my eyes, seeing that it was late at night. I sat up and began to rub my eyes, trying to calm my heart and breathing down. It helped, a little.I sighed. I couldn’t remember what I had dreamt about but I knew that it must have been a nightmare for me to wake up in cold sweat. I sighed again.I got up and got a glass of water. Then I went back to bed, determined to go back to sleep. Eventually I did and with no nightmares.When I woke up again, my phone went off, telling me to get my butt out of bed and go to my therapy session. My therapist’s name is Mrs. Patterson. She’s been helping me try and deal with these mysterious nightmares.She told me last week that the next session would be extremely special. With that in mind, I got up and got ready. Before I knew it I was in my car getting ready to leave. I got there in three minutes, not too bad for a Monday morning.I got out and went toward the big boring building. At first glance it looks more like a library building but once inside, no books. Just doors and more doors of different companies. One was a room of identity thief; another was a legal company of some sort. I never really paid attention to it, not very interested in it either.My therapist was the door near the right of the entrance. Not too far or close to all the other doors. The way I liked it. I’m not claustrophobic or anything but if just feels really strange. It’s like you don’t have enough room to breathe with every person breathing down another’s neck. It sent chills down my spine just thinking about it. I shook it off.      I opened the door and there she was. With her glasses on and reading some thousand page book. She never felt comfortable wearing suits to makes her “patients” feel worthless and small. She liked to wear a short sleeved shirt under a jeans jacket with jeans and Nike’s on. It made her feel one with the person she was talking to.When she looked up and noticed me, she smiled and put her book aside. I smiled back and closed the door behind me. Then I sat down and waited for whatever was coming. She also didn’t like to go around the bush, which was one of the things I liked about her.She folded her hands and put them on her lap. “So, any nightmares? I mean, that you remember?”I shook my head. “No. I had one last night, but nothing to report. Sorry.”She waved me off. “Don’t worry about it. But I do have a little surprise for you though.”I watched her get up and bring a medium size box that was on the far corner of the room. She laid it in front of me and then began to take out what was inside.There were many cords connecting to a get-like helmet. She put it on my head and then began to take out a mechanical a box that had all the wires connecting to the helmet and back. She flicked on a switch and I saw a red light turn on.She smiled at me. “I got this ordered especially for you; to help you see what you can’t in your dreams. You want to try it out?”I didn’t know what to say. I nodded my head a million times that I felt like one of those bobble-heads of famous people. Her smiled widened. “Okay, lie down and try to go to sleep I know it’s going to feel funny for a while but bear with it.” I did as I was told and laid down on the couch. Going to sleep never really bothered me so it was easy to drift off into the unknown. I felt scared and excited, finally facing my invisible enemy. The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes was that I was back home. Except I was facing a door leading to a closet that I rarely opened. I don’t know why bit I just didn’t. Nothing really special about it. I put my hand on the handle and felt my hand go clammy. I turned the knob and opened the door slowly. I suddenly felt dozens upon dozens of little feet crawling up my arm.A piercing scream escaped my lips as I saw black spiders everywhere. I wanted to run but my feet were planted hard on the ground. I look around as I feel my whole world began to blur. The spiders continued to move around me as I took a deep breath and scream as loud as my lungs could muster. But no sound came. My cries where cut short as the spiders crawled over my body and begin to cover my whole being. Until all I could see was black.  Dark. Pitch. Black. With no way of light seeping though. I felt lost. Afraid. All of my emotions begin to come out. Help me! I woke up startled to see that I’m back home. In my bed with sweat dripping through my pores. I sigh a sigh of relief until I feel someone drag me from my bed and put a gag on my mouth. Then I felt a gun to my head. It’s cold at first, then warm as it gets use to my temperature. The gun felt real as my kidnapper dragged me to the living room and pushed me toward the couch. “Stay put and I promise not to harm any one of the hairs on your pretty little head.”I sit down and wait for what would happen next. Nothing at first came until moment later the gun was back on my head. I swallow my cries. He drags me up to my feet and pushes me outside. It’s raining.I fall to the wet grass and when I look up; I see the gun at my head. I hear the sound of the gun ready to shoot. My heart and mind panic.I take off my gag. “You promised!”He smiled evilly. “Who said I keep my promises?”He pulls the trigger and I’m out. I think, this is it. I’m dead. I’m leaving this world with no one to remember me by. No legacy. Just a boring person, with no real friends. I open my eyes to see my therapist looking at me. I think it was her but her face was all distorted and out of place.I scream again. She flinches and moves away. I take off the get helmet and run out of the room and out into the streets. But the streets weren’t there as I fell down into a dark oblivion.I scream to wake up at my room again. Tears fall down my face as I know I’m doomed for all eternity to live in this never ending nightmare.A scream escapes my lips. Will I ever stop this never ending scream? My mind and heart both say in unison:No.I scream what seems like that thousandth time. This is what my life will consist of: Screams and Terrors.Please, someone help me. Please. Anyone. I need your help.Please . . .I scream again as the darkness consumes me. Where all my screaming is held now and for all eternity. 

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