The Tragedy

November 12, 2008
By MEME al-bulushi, Muscat, ZZ

he looked up at the beauty of the snow mountains, “What a wonderful day to go out and play with the snow” Ashley said with a nice smile on her face. From Ashley’s house you can see the view of the Snow Mountains. The mountains were covered with snow and it was just like a giant polar bear.

Ashley is 13 years old, she has a long, shiny and brown hair. She is friendly, kind, sweet and likes to be active. Ashley’s parents Mr. James and Mrs. Anne were very kind with each member of their small family. Ashley has no sister and only one brother called (Jason), who was smaller than her and of course noisy. They all lived in a big city called (Mountains) .It called after its large number of mountains in it.

It was 10 O’clock morning, so Ashley asked her mother “Mom, can I go out and play with the snow?” her mother answered “Ok go Ashley, but don’t forget to wear your sweater, boots, neck scarf and hand gloves. It’s very cold out there and you don’t want to get cold or anything would you?”Ashley nodded her head as if it’s a sign of saying “No!” Her mother knew that her daughter meant to go and visit her best friend’s house (Jessica).

Ashley immediately rushed to her room happily and did what her mom asked her to do…When she finished she ran quickly to her mom and kissed her on both cheeks and waved her hand and said “Bye mom, I am going now”. She then headed to the door quickly and whistled in the main road, after 2 seconds a taxi stopped nearby.

Ashley’s mom ran after her and said at the same moment Ashley was getting in the taxi “Oh…wait…wait…Ashley, I forgot to say that we will catch you late; so don’t go so far, just be in the neigbourhood okay?”.
Ashley was really in a hurry so she couldn’t listen to what her mother just told her because of the cars noise, but she just nodded her head.

Ashley reached Jessica’s house after five minutes. Jessica is Ashley’s best friend, she is living in the same city where Ashley was living and they always visits each other, or hangout with each other whenever they gets a free time.
Ashley used to go to Jessica’s house by a taxi or sometimes by a public bus. Jessica is older than Ashley by only two months. Jessica is friendly and also likes to be busy either by reading, writing and playing or something else.

Ashley rang Jessica’s house bell and Jessica’s lovely mom Mrs. Lora opened the door and welcome Ashley. Mrs. Lora called Ashley and said “Jessica…Jessica…there is someone waiting for you in the living room” Mrs. Lora used to say that whenever Ashley visits them, “Is she Ashley?” Jessica asked, pretending as if she doesn’t know who is down there. It was kind of a drama that Jessica and her mom used to do it whenever Ashley visits them!

Moments later Jessica was down in the living room shaking hand with her best friend Ashley in their own way.” I saw a poster of a snow boarding competition its called (Mountains snow boarding competition 2008), do you want to participate?” Jessica asked Ashley, and Ashley answered “Well…ummm…let me think…oh I don’t need to think, of course I am in!” Jessica said “I know you will” Then both of the girls jumped of the sofa and hugged each other happily. Jessica went to her mom and asked “mom, can you take Ashley and I to the snow boarding competition?” Jessica’s mom answered in surprise “Which competition?” Jessica replied “That snow boarding competition… the one I told you about!??” her mom finally answered “Oh…yes… that competition…yes I remembered, okay I’ll take you guys but we better be going if you want to reach that competition on time !!”

Ashley had forgotten a very important thing, and that is to inform her family about where she’s going to go. The two girls finished eating their lunch and started getting ready for the snow boarding competition.

After 10 minutes Ashley, Jessica and Mrs. Lora reached the competition avenue. A girl from the first row called Ashley, and it turned out to be that girl was Ashley and Jessica’s friend Vikki and behind her were other class mates too!

The author's comments:
It's just A incomplete story ,, if you it will get piblised i'll will send the rest of the story !!
thank you

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