Gorrills Night

April 14, 2009
Are you scared of gorillas? Well if you were me you would have been during the time of the gorilla! Let me describe him for you. He looked mean, hungry, and out to kill.

One fine Halloween night my family and I decided to go and see a haunted house. I was so excited that I yelled, “me too!” So we all jumped into my dad’s van and left. As we were driving down Eighth Street my dad drove right by the haunted house. I asked, “Where are you going?” We thought he was scared and didn’t want to go through. So we reminded him that he passed the house and he turned around. Finally, we arrived at the house and it wasn’t looking scary until you went through it.
So we got out and went to pay to go through. Just as we got up there a so called gorilla ran by us. I yelled, “What is that thing?” To tell the truth it looked pretty real. Before we entered we arranged the order of how we would be walking in. I got placed in the front. The haunted house isn’t fun if you know where all the people are. So it was pretty much ruined.

On the way out we met the gorilla by the exit gate. So we just kept walking through the exit gate and got two more scares. One of them was well hidden. The other one wasn’t very good. The main thing is that they had some good hiding and scares in there.
The first thing that got us all was the person laying under the fence that they had set up. She had yelled at us from under the fence and we all jumped. The people at the front gate laughed at us. She told us that everything was fine and we could keep on walking.
Then the strangest thing had happened when we exited the gate. Do you remember the gorilla I told you about? Well it got mad at me and my sister. We had accidentally stepped on it’s fingers. We found out that we had made a mistake. The gorilla started to chase us down the road.
We decided to have fun with it while we were running away from it. We both turned around and stopped. To our surprise the gorilla stopped to and looked at us. When I said go we both started to taunt the gorilla. He didn’t like it to much and charged at us. We had both dodged him.
He got even madder at us. Then when we looked away we both to a hit from the gorilla. Know that we were laying down he started to taunt us. We didn’t like it and got up again. We started to taunt us. Finally we realized something. We went over the line and made a mistake.
We had all learned a moral that day. Another word for moral is lesson. The lesson we learned was not to taunt or chase another gorilla again.

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