High Cost

April 14, 2009
By Terry Wiensch BRONZE, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Terry Wiensch BRONZE, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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“Vince, you may share… Vince…Vince!”

That was my first day at TCA, I was new, and I was lazy and irresponsible, kind of like you. Well anyways my name is Vince McKinley, I’m 17 and I’m a TCA Paladin, TCA stands for Teen Corruption Agency, a Paladin is the best and highest rank possible in TCA So would you like to learn a bit about me? Well as I said I’m 17, I have blonde hair and I weigh 120 lbs. I’m Six Feet One Inch and I’m pretty skinny I guess, I workout a lot and it’s almost required for my job. Well, enough about me, ready to hear my story? So I finish up my meeting with Aaron Boileau, the owner of TCA, I figured I should check the place out since I’ll be living here for a while. Well first, I need to find a bathroom

“Aaron where’s the can at?”

“Just take a left when you leave the conference room then look for a sign that says MEN.”

“Whoa, this bathroom is off the hook!” I yelled.

Ugh, okay now I need to get to my room, 288, that’s in the left wing on the 11th floor.

”Hmm, not bad I wonder if there’s room service.”

Well, no room service, I guess I’ll just go to the cafeteria and grab a bite to eat, on my way there I passed the conference room again, I noticed Aaron in there with someone else, a girl. I walked in, even though I wasn’t supposed to be in there.

“Hey, I’m Vince what’s your name?”

“I’m Mikaela, I just got accepted here.”

“Oh, really you should room with me!”

“Ugh, really, can boys room with girls?”

“Sure, Room 288, I brought a ton of food up if you want any, besides, the rooms are split, and they’re adjacent to each other.”

“Great, thanks I’m starving.”

Wow, my first day here is turning out amazing. First I get a huge penthouse, then I find the buffet, then Mikaela, I can’t believe it, she looks so beautiful, with her silky long Blonde hair, I love this place!

I finally got tired, so I went to bed when my phone rang. It was Mitch, one of the Paladins.
OH MY GOD…Aaron has been kidnapped. But why would they need my help? After all, I’m just a recruit. Apparently this is when they determine if the recruits are worth keeping, and besides, Aaron said I had potential. Mitch told me to meet him on the roof, when I arrived there, I didn’t see Mitch, just a large black helicopter but then the door flung open, there’s Mitch.

“Vince, hurry get in!”

I could take the hint, this was important so I didn’t waste any time; I darted in and slid the door shut.
I gave Mikaela a call, to let her know what had happened, she was mad at me because she wanted to help, but I explained why only Mitch and I could. She didn’t understand but, oh well.

“So, Mitch why me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why did they choose me to help you?”

“Well first of all, you were the only one we could get a hold of, secondly you were closer to Aaron than we were.”

“Oh, well thanks I’m excited for my first mission.”

“Vince, this isn’t a joke, its serious business, we need to get Aaron back, UNHARMED, understand?”


As we were on our way to where Aaron was being held captive, I thought about my first time on a helicopter, I was at Maui in Hawaii and we were checking out the sites from helicopter. I have a feeling this ride won’t be as peaceful though. The helicopter shook and the propeller rattled, it felt like we were going down.

“This is insane!” I yelled.

“Hah, this is nothing, wait till you get on a harder mission.” Mitch replied.

“So how do you know where Aaron is?”

“Well, we received a message from the capturers and they told us where to meet them.”

“Oh, what idiots, don’t they know that we’re both the best agents in Detroit?”

“Obviously not..”

“Okay, we’re here Vince, get suit up!”

I felt so incredible slipping a gun into the holsters, shoving the flash bangs and mini teargas into my pockets. I slid on my sunglasses and pulled the door open. Wind whipped my face and launched my glasses out the door, bummer.

“Hey, Mitch don’t you think we’re a little far from the building? I can’t jump that far?”

“Who said we were jumping?”

Just then Mitch pulled out a grappling gun and shot it to the top of the building, and hooked the gun into the side of the chopper. He started climbing and I stood frozen, remembering gym class in 6th grade and I crashed into the ground falling off the rope. I reached out to the rope, clenched it in my hand, and then grabbed it with the other. I was sweating, I thought I was a goner, but as I got near the end, Mitch grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Thank god.

“You better get used to climbing ropes, we usually can’t risk bringing the chopper close to our target.”

“I know, I’ve been afraid of them since 6th grade, now especially, if I drop that’s 1,000 feet of nothing but air, then cold hard concrete.”

“Yeah, that’ll take some getting used to but whatever, we can’t waste anymore time, lets go.”

We started for the door, conveniently unlocked, I sensed a trap, but strangely it wasn’t. Then all of the sudden Mitch turns to me.

“Do you hear that?”

Then, all you could hear were bullets getting belted out of a 50mm. We dove behind the wall to the right of us and tons of bullets were being impaled through the wall where we just stood. We didn’t want to stick around and see what just happened so we ran to the staircase at the south end of the floor and darted for the 12th floor, we’ve got 3 floors to cover, we’re on the 15th floor. Aaron was said to be on the 11th but we have a plan that we’ll lay out on the twelve floor.

“You sure this is going to work Mitch?”

“Of course, what do you take me for, a recruit?”

Well with that we got to the 12th floor, I could see Aaron just sitting down there in a chair tied up. Then I recognized a face, a face that would strike fear in any citizen of Detroit, Kris or publicly known as T.K. I don’t really know what it stands for but in order to save Aaron we’ll have to take him down.

“Okay, all set up Vince grab the grapple gun.”

“Got it.”

Right then, Mitch jumped to the 11th floor I readied the gun, Mitch slowly crawled up to T.K. Then grabbed him by the neck and threw him off the edge through the center of the building. I shot the gun directly at T.K. He screamed, pulled out his gun from his pocket, but I yanked on the grapple gun and it sank further into him and he dropped his gun, I pulled him back up to me, dead.

”Vince, you idiot, you weren’t supposed to kill him!”

“I know, I got carried away, How’s Aaron?”

“He’s badly injured, let’s get him back to the chopper and get back to TCA.

So Aaron is getting checked over by our doctor, I haven’t heard anything for quite a while. I’m a little nervous but then. The doors to the doctors room opened, Aaron walking out unharmed, as needed.

“Vince, you did a great job.”

“Thank you Aaron.”

“Oh, no thank you, if it weren’t for you I may not be here today, I want to award you with the rank of Paladin, you’ve earned it, now get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day for you.”

And with that, brings us back to real time, that’s my story, now today I have to go skydiving, this will be fun, gotta go!

The author's comments:
Anthony Horowitz definetely inspired me to write this piece, but I added a little originality in mine, things Anthony wouldn't risk putting in his books.

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