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May 20, 2018
By amysotog GOLD, Miramar, Florida
amysotog GOLD, Miramar, Florida
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In the middle of a vast, cerulean ocean sits a lonely pearly-white boat. It’s medium size, average in nature, but with enough presence to stay afloat above the shaky water beneath. The sleek and modern designs on the snowy-white sides of it indicating a young age of manufacturing. The swaying machinery containing all the common necessities of a regular boat, with all its rough and strong ropes, its heavy and erect metal poles and its potent electric motors. Currently, it lays still, involuntarily moving due to the gentle and natural motions of the sea waves, motors off and silent. The relaxed pair within it lounge around the top of the quiet boat and stare into their vast surroundings.

They’re wrapped in minimal clothing, laced with entrancing and unique patterns as well as a wide spectrum of colors that bring out the darkness of their skin, as they take in the warmth of the bright mix of yellow and orange light coming from above, cascading across the ship like a waterfall on rocks. The sharp and radiant white and metallic colors of the boat, reflecting the sun rays across the flowing water around it, which is as clear as a newly cleaned lens, such transparency only found in this particular place of the world. Small schools of different colored fish, from miniscule grey to obese green ones, are made visible by the revealing clearness of the sea they inhabit. As the eyes move farther and farther away, however, the now turquoise water loses its power and hides its insides, an invisible line now connecting it to the azure sky. Cloudless and clear, the majestic blue color of the sky above, reflects down onto the water, continuing for as far as the eye can see. The other noticeable objects seen from that distance are the dirty white birds that zip through the rough air elegantly looking for an unsuspecting prey near the surface of the water, their vibrant yellow beaks open in search of nutrition.

As these light and quick animals near the boat, their loud squawks become much more apparent, creating a melody for others present to hear. With their calls, they pierce through the noise of the rustling water, which creates a pacifying and lulling harmony that one could almost dance to. If one listens closely, light split-splats can be heard coming from the blue sea as small and big fish alike exercise the strength of their jumps out into the oxygen-filled air. Although the high-pitched whistling of the wind overtakes these sounds, it still unknowingly accompanies them on beat to produce a catchy chorus. The taps from the moving water smacking the sides of the ship add on to mother nature’s song and envelop the pair listening, in a rhythmic tune adding to the effect of the swaying ship. The sounds of the sail flapping and ropes tightening aboard the ship, although miniscule in comparison, were still present amongst the playing song.

The ship itself had minimal action compared to the nature encircling it; however, one could see the ropes tensing and relaxing as they worked on keeping the thin, white sail moving with the surrounding wind. The shiny, brown, wood wheel of the boat rotating lightly from side to side controlled by the invisible forces of the moving water beneath; the rocking of the man-made object could induce anyone into a deep sleep. The sail shimmying gently above, covering and uncovering the clear sky as if it were playing a game of peek-a-boo. As the day continues, bright and active to the eyes and ears, voices and laughter fill the atmosphere of the boat, as the young pair further enjoying their summer adventure, moving across the ship to closer inspect the vibrant life around them. Nothing more astonishingly beautiful and stimulating can be experienced than when sailing.

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