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Tyler The Creator stuff

May 2, 2018
By nacholover2834 BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
nacholover2834 BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
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Now to present this man, he continues to impress us. No matter how much the media tries to influence the public’s opinion on him he continues to strive and work to be one of the best artists of our generation. Not knowing what he was going to do he worked in a UPS boxing service that was just a draft and he knew he need to think not outside the box but beyond the box. He had a job a Starbucks but he knew he wasn’t supposed to be stirring up coffee but that he was supposed to be stirring up the music industry with countless hits. We still sit in wonder how he came off of pure entrepenuership. When he made his first hit “Yonkers” the visuals set the tone with him eating a c***roach. Not only that he vomited it while spitting dark witty bars that show him conflicting between his three personalities. Who else do we know like this. Not only did he do this he grinded and strived for greatness as he made over a quarter million off of just socks. Starting the generation of pop-up shops trying to sell merchandise and still be reaching the fans. No one gives him credit for this. The pop-up shop was Tyler the Creator. He was selling merchandise without a concert. He helped rap make it’s way into fashion. While doing this he facilitated so many careers of his close friends he grew up with because he moved so much his mom not being able to support him. The countless interviews, that showcased his uncanny humor and his inability to stop innovating. So many things he has done for the culture and changed kids lives fighting for their own. We present with the most life changing artist award. To the undisputed, he one and only, Tyler the Creator!

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