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less then divine

May 4, 2018
By gay_emo SILVER, Sydney, Other
gay_emo SILVER, Sydney, Other
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we know what we are, but know not what we may be- William Shakespeare

A young girl prays to God, hoping her silent thoughts reach him from her dimly lit bedroom, cold from December winds blowing around her home. “Please, I beg you, my father is all I have. If I were to lose him, I wouldn't want to go on. Please, never separate us.” From beyond human comprehension, her god listened. He looked down on the girl with love, but couldn't scratch the barrier between himself and her no matter how he wished to help.

The god walked over to the wall where millions of tags hung on rack after rack. Each tag representing the soul of a human down on what they called Earth. They were plain tags with the name of the person written on one side in black. The god had a tag, also; but of course it wasn't kept with all the other tags, he kept his on the second floor of his house, alone. Once he had brought a humans tag to the second floor with him for at times he felt lonely. As soon as he latched the tag next to his own the tag disintegrated into dust. The human it belonged to was ripped from reality as if they never existed. He decided never to do such a thing again. 

“I'm so lonely with people worshipping me from afar. I can’t talk back to those I love. Please my creator if your real let me help this girl.” And from a layer of reality, above, a being listened to the prayer, watching down on the god and his humans.  This being had three stories to his Home, all filled with tags belonging to the humans and gods, the top one of course being for his own tag. But of course he himself could do anything to crack his reality without giving up his own power. So he prayed to his creator who prayed to theirs and who prayed to their’s and who prayed...

...and who was heard by Past. As she listened in the, prayer reached dead ears. The humans were such lowly disgusting creatures, she, in particular, didn't care for. They destroyed each other in wars and slavery. She just couldn't imagine helping insects such as them. They lived such short meaningless lives anyway.

Future also listened in, also ambivalent to the little girl’s pleas. Their own daughter, Present, was standing quietly next to them, listening, not understanding others’ prayers.  She was carrying around her own tag that she took from the top floor, at the top of the universe. It was her favorite accessory to carry.

As her parents listened in to the prayer of a prayer of a prayer of this little girl she laid down her tag and on a bare table next to her and walked away to play by herself. Past, not having the same information of Future, had mistaken it for a humans tag; so she hung it up next to all the others. Future stared down, in silent dismay.
Present disappeared into thin air for a full five moments. Future watched, not able to change anything for she could only stay in her own time. Past in horror, realizing what she’d done snached the tag from the lowly hook and ran for the topmost floor, in order to restore Present.

As she hung the tag next to theirs, Present materialised in a burst of pure light.  She sunk to her knees and forcefully wept. She had lived three life times on earth in those seconds and had seen life and death.

She remembered waking up in the middle of nowhere and wandering for days in the frigid winter air.  She had power greater than any human but none to return home. She had come across the little girl’s father laying face down in the cold snow, barely breathing. She took him home with strength not belonging to a young girl such as she appeared.

She stayed with and admired the girl and her father as they repaid her for saving his life... until they chased her away after she refused to marry.  She watched the little girl and her father grow old and die from afar. She next met a man who had lost his only son.  He took pity on the scrawny girl and took her in as his own daughter. She dearly grew to love him and his wife as they treated her warmly.  After many years, as the townsfolk caught wind of an elderly couple with a child who never ages, the town turned against them and the couple were burned at the stake for harboring a witch.

She went on to make friends living off the streets and begging for food, while making friends with the local children. She was happy with them and swore to die for to protect them. She helped them through hardships only for them to leave her in the end as she couldn't grow old with the others.

With her mother's, Past and Future she had never known such sadness for they lived a divine existence with no beginning or end.  When she returned to the divine, she could never forget the pain of empathy that being human had caused her to know.

Her innocence was lost, so that she could from then on, love the time she was, to give meaning to those humans that prayed to god that prayed to god that prayed to god that prayed...

The author's comments:

this was a dream of mine

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