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The Fat Kid & The Cursed Door

May 4, 2018
By Qt:)) BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Qt:)) BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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A memory that still haunts me to this day. I still remember it as if it was just experienced yesterday. It's fair to say it shaped me into the person I am today, just wanted to bring joy to the faces I come in contact with on a daily basis. it was 4th grade, I was just barely 10 years old. have you ever seen the nutty professor? Do you remember his fat nephew? imagine that was me, with an unorthodox sense of humor. I attended P.S251 and was always serious about my work

Today's task was was to make a funny story, I exclaimed to myself “ I got this“, oh was I so wrong . I proceeded to write the story , I recall a line from it , it went like this “ I'm going to take my teacher to court & throw 5 dollars at her”. I still amuse myself. I was apprehensive towards the conclusion of the task, so I told my teacher to read it for me while I go to the bathroom. during the walk i thought to myself “ I wonder how their faces look “ I immediately rushed to class , and the first words i heard as I walked through the door are still edged into my brain . “ it wasn't funny “. at that moment I came to the realization i wasn't as funny as i thought .

I sat in agony as the other students proceeded to share their stories in class . The laughs that filled the room when Kaniya told her story really bothered me . she was like my arch rival when it came to everything .That was only because we were the smartest out of the class. Math, science, history, art, gym, THERE WAS ALWAYS A COMPETITION... But this situation I felt as though there was none. She had finally got the best of me and it was undeniable. The sick feeling in my stomach altered my attitude, I knew I had to do something to shift the odds in my favor. What would that be, a question I thought long and hard about. As the task concluded … wait did I mention it was at the end of the day? Well, it was.


As the day concluded the teacher proclaimed that there will be a math test the following day , I knew this was my chance to prove myself . I walked home alone that day , I felt less than I shouldn't have let it affect me that much , but the amusement expressed during her presentation was salt in my already deep wound. I had to get back , even if it was the last thing I could do .  Math was my favorite subject at the time , I always wanted to be a banker so i kept good grades in the subject . I rarely studied , not to sound cocky or anything but I didn't need to . The higher powers within the school moved me & Kaniyah to a lower class so we could  help the other kids . So of course it would be a challenge to top her grade . I studied so hard that night , it was no way I could let her get the best of me once again . Youtube was my best friend , he helped me learn multiplication before it was even necessary . I tried to learn every subject , I couldn't bear to feel that feeling again. Have you ever wanted to give yourself surgery to remove your stomach to get rid that sick feeling ? Maybe I was just overreacting , or maybe I was just a sore loser .

A good night's rest was mandatory, there was no factor I could allow to affect my grade. I woke up at 6 am, although I lived 2 blocks away from my school, I was anxious.  My mother usually woke me up for school every morning, there was no need for for that today. young Quesawn realized on that very day that independence was key, not isolation, but independence. He needed to rely on himself for harder tasks ahead in life.

quickly showered and walked the 2 blocks to school alone. I was prepared to make her feel the pain I felt, but what if she didn't care as much as I did? No matter, as long as I felt better than, I was satisfied .I arrived at P.S251 ahead of time, I studied during breakfast, this wasn't usually like me. The very moment of me walking through that classroom door kept replaying and playing. mild insanity was probably to blame, I was traumatized.

Usually, a very talkative individual I am, on this day, in particular, I was the antithesis. I was focused, I could not fail, too much was on the line.  My pride was damaged and neglected, I was confident today was going to be different. I walked up the 2 flights of stairs quickly, although the test wasn't until the fourth period it slipped my mind, I was ready for revenge. I went to my seat quickly and quietly, I didn't utter a word. the teacher came over and said “ what's wrong “ as if she was oblivious to what happened the day prior. At Least someone wasn't aware of the pain I endured . “ nothing ‘ I replied “ just a lil tired“. tired was the furthest thing I was from at the moment, I was so woke my 3rd eye was open . “ok” she replied uncertainty, she knew something was off . my class of 30 kids began to gather, I remained stationary, immobile in the corner of the classroom. the room seemed darker today, or maybe it was just my aura. a minimal amount of sickness was still amidst my stomach. I couldn't wait to ace this test so it can desist.

The third period concluded i was ready to feel normal again. I gave a sly grin, they didn't know what I had in store. The teacher gave out the test and demanded silence, that helped me concentrate even more . as soon as every student received one she said to start. I immediately rushed into the test within what felt like milliseconds. it was surprisingly easy to me, so I knew it was going to be wasn't going to be a challenge to her . I looked around the room and seen many kids struggling, but not the one wanted to. She had this smirk as if she knew she was gonna get 100 %. The same confidence i had for the funny story task, but we all know how that turned out. therefore I knew there wasn't a 100% chance that she would get 100 %. I quickly rushed through the test, The easy questions granted me extra time to look over my work. I used the time wisely, double and triple checking each question. I had to make sure each and every question was correct, it was time for revenge. the teacher began to collect the tests and stated that the tests would be graded after lunch, which was the following period.  I could barely wait for the feeling to be removed from my stomach.


Lunch came surprisingly quick, I was happy for that. Therefore my revenge can take place sooner . as soon as lunch ended I rushed to class swiftly. Sadly it was was brought to my attention as soon as I walked through the door that points were deducted from my test.  “ You would have had the highest grade in the class,” said the teacher.  So focused on revenge I forgot to write my name. On the other hand, kaniya got one question wrong resulting in a tied score.


That wretched door always brought me bad luck.

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A very vengeful child 

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