The Earthquake

April 30, 2018
By Priyoti BRONZE, Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Priyoti BRONZE, Royal Palm Beach, Florida
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The night is chilly. The stars are somewhere behind the haze of black cloud. The lake is glistening, mirroring the gathering of glittering stars. The dizzy wind brushes  against the water’s surface causing the wave to ruffle the stillness of the surface and shatter the reflection of the nature. A girl sits by the small half rounded windows of the tiny dark house. Her name is Lauren. She looks through the window at the wide moon floating in the big sky. She stares up the sky and studies the silver glow of the moon. She is mesmerized by the light shining out of her soul. She doesn’t want to miss this devine view. She doesn’t want to sleep tonight. As she looks outside, she recalls a very important day of her life that changed her attitude towards life.

It is just a normal day for everyone. But for Lauren, it is the day that she has been looking forward for many years. It’s her Sweet Sixteen today. She is so excited that she couldn't sleep all night. Her parents are throwing a grand party today. It’s 11 o’clock and the party starts in six hours. All her friends have arrived at her house including her best friend Farah. As Farah walks up the stairs and enters Lauren’s room, she sees Lauren holding her beautiful dress which she is going to wear at the party tonight. “Wow Lauren! The dress is so pretty!” says Farah. Lauren replies with a big smile in her face, “Thanks bestie.”  Farah then comes close to Lauren and holds her hands. “I am so proud to be your best friend,” says Farah. Just after that both of them hugged each other.
It’s now 5 o’clock. Lauren is ready to go to the restaurant where the party is going to take place. All her friends have left for the restaurant other than Farah since Lauren requested her to stay. She sits in the driving seat of her car, which was parked few steps away from her home. She waits for her parents and Farah. All of a sudden, the car starts to shake. She checks if her foot is in the accelerator but soon realizes that she didn’t even turn on the car. The car starts to shake more and more and she hears people screaming and running out of their house. It’s an earthquake. Lauren gets out of the car and runs towards her home. Many people on the road stops her from going. They hold her back. She sees large trees falling over. She locates a sight of a crack in the road.  By this time, a huge crowd has gathered on the roads. Lauren tries to find her parents. She looks for Farah. She gets frightened by the groans and roars coming from all around her. She starts to whimper. Just a few minutes later, another earthquake takes place. This time it was devastating. Lauren can see her home falling down in front of her eyes. It doesn’t take time for her to realize that she has lost her parents and best friend, Farah.
From that day, she became different. She didn’t talk to anybody. She wanted to live a life deprived of happiness. She didn’t want to interact with the world because she thought that her life was ruined. But tonight, she wasn’t sad. She felt a sense of hope- a hope to live her life again, from the beginning. The moonlight evoked a feeling of happiness in her. She realizes that God has given her another chance to live her life. She feels like crying out loud. She stops herself. She promises herself that from today she will begin a new life of positivity and love.

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