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Miami Heat

April 30, 2018
By 11MASON BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
11MASON BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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The hot summer days make the heat waves visible from the burning asphalt streets of downtown miami. The merciless sun would make air conditioning seem as if it was a necessity to human life. Along with the blazing heat living in downtown Miami isn’t the ideal community to be in. With money and food being a daily stuggle to find the only constant that lasted here were the multiple patrol cars on the neighborhood streets. Even with the local corner cops it was still a question whether or not your’re gonna be able to walk anywhere safely.
August 1st, only a few more days until the school year arrives. Here kids enjoy their last moments of freedom with spontaneous trips to wherever they can cause mischief for the entertainment. The local hotspot of the neighborhood would be the Sterner Plaza. With your movie theater, few family owned resturants, couple of brand retail stores, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, and along with Miami’s arcade center mostly anybody and everybody was there. This enormous plot of land not only has the most people in the area gather here, it also has the most crime scenes commited in all of Miami-Dade country there as well. Fifty-five year to be exact, which is a lot considering Sterner Plaza has only been around for about five years. But, of course downtown Miami is filled with dangerous people who will do dangerous things for no good reason. However,
this is the life some people are used to. In fact a young boy named Tre Torres has lived his life only seeing what the worse of Miami has to offer. Which is sad to say because for twelve years he has only saw the worse in people through their violence.
August 2nd, just like any other normal day Tre Torres wakes up out of bed and then heads downstairs as the smell of bacon and eggs fills his nostails. He sits down at the tabel to enjoy his hearty meal as he gives his mother a smile of appreciation with his last sip of orange juice. After he cleans up his dish in the sink he quickly runs to his room to put on his clothes for the day along with his favorite sneakers. On his was out of the house he kisses his mom on the cheek and tells her he will be back before sundown and if not he’ll call. With a nod of agreement as she finishes chewing the last bit of her food she waves good bye to her son from the kitchen table. He closes the door behind him and then makes his way to Sterner Plaza. His phone playing at full volume listening to old school rap he can smell the breeze as he strolls along the sidewalk. Feeling the wind blow through his sleeveless shirt not even noticing how high the humidity level is in Miami. He then reaches Sterner Plaza in no more than ten minutes. Upon arriving he notices two of his friends standing by the monkey bars at the park. He called there names, Chris and Justin, out loud enough for them to notice him.

After waving for acknowledgement Tre continued to make his way to the movie theater. Standing outside were his friends Tyler, AJ, Anna, and Ali. When seeing him coming around the corner Tyler was the first to greet him, then following was Aj, Ali, and Anna. Like alwasy the group talked about random topics, telling stories, making jokes just generally contributing to the conversation when they think that the others will find the topic interesting. This reminded him of the time that they first met. It was actually at Sterner Plaza in front of the movie theather too. Tre was talking to Tyler since they had been long time friends. But Tyler actually invited someone to come hang out with them, which turned out to be A.J. He was the new kid in town that just came from Puerto Rico. Then later that day they went to go see a goofy comedy in which they met Anna and Ali, they were watching the same movie. After that the rest is history. However, with this gang trouble never seemed to be to far to reach them. Of course living in such a dangerous area the group was exposed to actions that seemed acceptable to them. But not in the eyes of the law. Anna and Ali weren’t as much trouble as the boys. In fact all three of them have parole officers for serving time in juvie. Although, A.J and Tyler shaped up after there sentence, Tre remained a problem with local officers. Just a few moments later a squad car drove up to them slowly

and a tall officer with a muscular build and a bald head stepped out of the vehicle and approached them.
As he was walking up the steps he began to notice Tre’s sudden change in behavior. He became jumpy and in fact started walking behind Ali to hide himself. The police officer took off his glasses and stared at Tre straight in the eyes. Tre locked eye contact with the officer for a split second before bolting off towards Martin Luther King Jr. park. The officer began his pursuit, Tre’s friends were left in a daze of confusion. The officer radioed dispatched informing them of his pursuit with a young black male. Tre sprinted for the fences the stood in betwen the park and the neighborhood next to it. Tre had about thirty yards to run with only about a fifteen foot lead in front of the officer. The officer began to yell “stop resisting”. However Tre kept running. He made it within ten yards of the fence, but then he felt a force hit him from behind into the ground. The officer quickly placed handcuffs on him with his hands behind his back with his face flat against the cement. As the officer began his search check on Tre’s body he came across a small bag of marijuana. And at that moment Tre knew there was no way he was making it home by sundown.

The author's comments:

The piece I wrote was for a class assignment, however it became more personal to me wanting to publish this piece for a bigger audience.

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