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April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

I am a working, responsible, educated girl. I do my work and I am kind to all so it doesn’t make sense as to why this would happen to me. The sun was shining, the breeze was calm, and the waves were perfect. The day was absolutely beautiful, that it hid the nightmare of what was coming . I went out on the boat with my husband that morning to go scooba diving about 10 miles off the coast. We checked the weather to make sure we wouldn’t have any bad weather hitting us to make sure we would have a clam and safe trip. Everything was going perfect, a little too perfect some would say. The boat ride was calm and we had a cute little picnic once we got to the spot before we suited up. When we dove in we saw beautiful corals and fish all around us. The view was spectacular. But something stood out in the coral. It was a different color from all the rest and was positioned as if it wasn’t meant to be their.
When I went down to get a closer look it was a hand! There was a human bodies hand stuck in between the coral! I called over my husband to show him what I had found but I could not find him anywhere. I screamed and screamed his name and nothing. I jumped onto the boat to see from a different view and not a single sign of him. I panicked at this moment because I could not find him anywhere and we were in the middle of the sea. I jumped back into the water to see if he had moved to a different position without knowing and I finally caught my breath when I saw him. He was much deeper than usual and he was swimming kinda funky.
I swam down to get his attention to tell and show him about the hand I had found but little did I know the hand I found was his! I turned him over and his face was white, his hand was gone, his neck was broken and he was bleeding through his suit. I pulled him up to the boat and took off his gear, ripped his clothes and was breath taken by what I found. Along his stomach someone had stabbed him and wrote out, “your finally mine.” I started to cry and cry. My husband was murdered, I was all alone I felt. When I looked up and wiped the tears off my face, a man was standing right in front of me. He was wearing all black head to toe and just stood there and didn’t say a word. I yelled and screamed asking why, why he would do this and what do you want. He said nothing, nothing at all. All he did was reach back to his left pocket and pulled out a knife and in a matter of seconds jumped towards me!

It was at this moment I woke up from my nap in class and realized it was just a dream.

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