April 30, 2018
By ChanceDinkins BRONZE, ROYAL PALM BEACH, Florida
ChanceDinkins BRONZE, ROYAL PALM BEACH, Florida
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 The same overplayed song was blasting from the speakers with an excessive amount of bass blaring through Chris’ apartment. Half of the people here Chris had never seen before but that’s the fun part, meeting new people that have common interests: partying and living life at its fullest.
     Freedom and independence. These are the feelings Chris has experienced since he has just finished college in May. It has been 2 months since then. He is 5’11 with perfect green eyes that look as if a galaxy was created within them. Chris is currently living in an apartment he is renting with girlfriend, Megan. The apartment isn’t the nicest either, the walls have chipped paint all over and there always seems to be an unpleasant odor coming from an unknown location, especially since that party last night. Not only that, the neighbors are very noisy, keeping Chris and Megan up most nights when all they want is rest. They both are becoming adults and are understanding what it’s like to live on their own. Chris and Megan are working just above minimum wage jobs and are barely getting along by themselves, every month is a struggle for them.
     Chris and Megan’s best friend, Cameron, usually comes over to their apartment on the weekends, such as today. Cameron brought food for the three of them and they had a great time, laughing and talking all morning, recovering from the party. As the day went on, Chris thought to himself about how he didn’t really like how he was living. He is tired of living the same routine every week and wishes he could just have a break from it all. He is exhausted of having to go to the same dreadful job almost every day and living in such a cramped apartment where the only escape is to become intoxicated.
     The next morning, he gets ready for work,as usual, and decided he would check the mail on his way there. When he arrives at the mailbox, he finds the usual stack of junk mail along with a letter to his name, which was quite suprising. It read:
     “Hello, my name is Mr. Peterson from the U.S. bank office. We are sending this letter to make you aware that you have written in the bill of Dennis Williams. As of July 12th, Dennis passed away and you are to receive what is left in his bank account and the property he owned. The property is already in your name and to transfer the money into your bank account, see the attached check. Thank you, have a wonderful day.
-Fredrick Peterson”
     He looked at the attached check and it read that there was 1.2 Million that could be transferred into his bank. He immediately ran back into his house and got out of his uncomfortable work clothes and wore something more casual. He was not going to doing his daily routine and that made him happy, but he had wondered who Dennis was and why his name was written on his bill.
     He got into his car without telling anyone of the check and headed for the bank. He noticed no one was inside and became confused. He looked at the hours and he was 30 minutes early before they opened. He sat outside the doors and waited. When someone came to the door and opened the bank, he is the first to go in, heading straight towards the empty line. He talked to one of the bank workers and cashed in his check. He received his money in his bank and headed back to his house.
     When arriving back home, he woke up Megan, who had the day off, handing her the letter. Her face lit up with a smile.
     “I’m so happy for you, we need to check out the house!” Megan said with joy.
     “Alright, how about tomorrow?” Chris said cautiously.
     “Perfect, I’ll call in sick for work.” She said.
     Chris had never seen her so happy since he had dated her, and it hurt him that the money is what caused this happiness.
The next day, they both took the day off work and drove the house. It took about 45 minutes, but it was worth it because the house was magnificent. They got out of the car and walked into the house, unlocked the door with the ring of keys that was given to him with the check. It was different from most houses. The house was filled with an overwhelming amount of plants and all of the furniture was modernized and seemed brand new.             Everything was obviously very well taken care of. They explored the house and found very expensive and unique items that they would only dream of getting. It was perfect to them, it was just the right size with two stories and a magnificent balcony.
     Chris begin to get suspicious about Megan and asked, “Why do you seem so happy all of a sudden?”
     Megan said, “Well, I’m glad that we are getting so much money!”
     He responded with “Who said we? I feel as if you were unhappy with me and suddenly just because I have money and a nice house you seem to be having the time of your life. Are you just going to use me now? Did you even like me to begin with or were you just using me to have a place to live?”
     Megan tried to tell him it’s not true but she couldn’t even get a word out because Chris began to yell at her, cutting her off and getting more and more angry as it progressed. This fight escaladed to the point where Chris broke up with her and kicked her out of the house. He thought he didn’t need her, especially if she only wanted him for his money. Chris went to Dennis’ room and laid there, taking a long rest to get his mind off things. When he woke up he really observed the house’s beauty. He decided to go out and buy a new car and go on a shopping spree sine he had all this extra money. He drove around to any store he could think of after buying his very expensive car. He spent thousands of dollars on useless things and it felt good to him.
     At the end of the day, he went out to a bar and spent lots of money on alcohol, getting drunk out of his mind. He thought long and hard about how he may have just lost the one person that was the love of his life. Someone he may never be able to get back. He got back into his car and managed to luckily drive without getting hurt or hurting anyone else. When he got home, he realized the huge mistake he made with breaking up with Megan. Chris tried to call Megan but it went to voicemail, as expected. He began to hate the huge house he was now living in and regretted everything that had happened. If only he never got the letter in the mail giving him more money he could handle and he let it get to his head. He didn’t have anyone anymore. He just wanted what he had last week, his simple routine. Now that was gone, never able to come back because he had ruined it. He decided that he had nothing else to live for. No one would seeing Chris again until his body was found a week later in the huge mansion. The last anyone heard from him was the heart felt voicemail that Megan had saved on her phone. She would never delete the voicemail, listening to it at night when all that she could think about was Chris.

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