April 16, 2018
By ShaunR BRONZE, North Collins, New York
ShaunR BRONZE, North Collins, New York
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It’s new years eve at your families house. Your all around the T.V counting down with the announcer when the live footage of the ball dropping is cut off by an emergency broadcast. “The end of the world is near? There have been multiple sightings of a meteor hurtling towards Earth! World leaders are flabbergasted” Who knew those crazy hobos chanting that the end times are near were actually right.

Taking one look outside and their claims were proven. Complete havoc was upon the neighborhood. Burning buildings, crashed cars; people were rioting. You quickly avert your eyes and turn back to your family to see they’ve broke into their own eruption of yelling. All you can think about is that the end time is coming not because of war, famine, or treaties it's because of a rock. It was only time until the whole world went into anarchy. On the news you hear of assassinations, revolutions, mass murders but there's no reason to think about that. All hope isn’t lost you think there's always a what if. You yell at your family “pay no attention to the events occuring outside. We should turn off the news there's no reason to instill more fear in ourselves. We can lock the doors and close the blinds, turn on some music to shut off the cries and shouts outside. Do something, anything to get our minds off that pesky pebble outside.”

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