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The Day of School That Changed my Life

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

It was a typical Monday. I barely woke up, got ready, and did all my homework that was due that day in the car. You could call me an A+ student, just kidding. When I get to school I met my best friends in our usual spot: under the stairs that lead up to art building. We basically just complained about school until the bell rang. I dragged my feet to first period: science. It felt like I was there for three years; we’re currently learning about the anatomy of bugs, so interesting, just kidding, again. Next was second period, math. I honestly just zoned out for about a hour thinking about eating my lunch. Finally, the most beautiful sound in the world, the bell, it rings. I go to my locker to get my lunch box. As I opened it everyone around me disappeared and my locker expanded. It look like it turned into a whole other dimension—little did I know, it actually did. I stepped into it and heard a loud bang. It might’ve been my locker closing, but it wasn’t, as I would soon find out. This place was really weird, it was like a forest-jungle except everything was more colorful and bright. Out of the blue, someone appeared to me; he was a cute boy about my age. I asked how he got here and he said the same way as me. Mid introducing ourselves someone else appeared, but this time it was someone older and wiser looking. The man was from whatever dimension we were in and told us we needed to escape. He said that the banging sounds weren’t our lockers it was their dimension’s leader, Malcolm. He was getting stronger and stronger and he slowly sucking in students to this dimension and each time he does it makes the bang we thought was our lockers closing. So far we were the only ones there and we need to stop the leader before more students were pulled into this. The older man, Elijah, the younger guy, Chris, and I were all set out to stop the leader. What we had to do was cut off Malcolm's tail: the source of all his power. It was a long, treacherous hike to Malcolm. On the way we made a plan: Elijah was going to talk to Malcolm and distract him while Chris and I cut off his tail. We got there, and our plan was successful! Right after we sliced his tail off I found myself back outside my locker as if nothing had even happened. I went to lunch to sit with my friends, but as I took a bite of my PB&J I saw someone would look really familiar… Chris?! I had never notice him before then, and I really didn’t notice how cute he was. I discreetly went up to him and we started talking. Now we’re dating. Thanks to that day my life has never been so exciting, fun, and great.

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