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April 26, 2018
By Anonymous

People change just like the seasons.  The New Year starts with the crisp, cold winter wind and snow.  The gray sky and dark clear nights.  This is a time for a fresh start in life.  It’s Time to make a resolution to be better, bigger and brighter.

Then spring chimes in with newness, just like people who begin to show growth from the start of the year.  Green grass, Forsythias, flowering trees, and beautiful songs from the birds are brought back to life.  People become busier, happier, and overall more productive with brightness lasting longer.  We busy ourselves with yard work, exercise, walking dogs, meeting friends, enjoying the crisp evening on the patio.  Everything is so fresh.  We blossom just like the buds on the trees. 

Before you know it, summer has arrived.   It gets hotter, and the humidity amplifies.  The bugs begin to surface and the spring flowers start to turn brown.  However, it’s just in time for the roses to bloom.  Summer solstice is the longest night of the year.  Swimming pools are open, and picnics have begun.  People are taking vacations, staying up later, playing tennis, enjoying the air conditioning , but also people start moving a tad slower in general.  The dog days of summer are here.  The crickets start to chime in and the nights become a shorter.  The air is thick.  Fireflies are taking over the night.  School is just around the corner.  A slight sadness creeps in.  This is a time where excitement and anxiety are mixed and a dark feeling about ending another summer sets in.  I realize I only have 3 more summers before I leave for College.  I’m saddened I have to leave behind my entire childhood as I begin to grow as a person.  Everything is becoming so real.  The leaves are starting to change, the air is crisp, and the colors are magical. 

Fall.  What a beautiful time of year to tell the people you love just how much you love them.   We prepare for another winter.  We plan for the upcoming holiday and winter ahead.  It’s a time for soup, baked goods, blankets and bonfires. 

Every season brings something new, which is beautiful.  As the seasons move on, I grow to be a better person.  I grow up.  No year or season will ever be the same, as I will always be a bit older.  I must learn to cherish each season because as a new season arrives, I have aged.   Changing seasons is wonderful, and the people you share them with are the ones who make them so special.  I have learned to appreciate each season.  Each new season means another year has gone by, and another year I am closer to the end of my childhood.  The seasons seem to move by so fast, which makes it all so precious.  I must enjoy the time I have left, the three summers left at home, and the two more fall birthday’s before I am an adult.  People change like the seasons.  I change.  I develop and grow older, just like beginning and end of another season.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece to show how I feel about growing up, and what the seasons changing means to me.  

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