The Squire

April 24, 2018
By __bible.boi__ BRONZE, Langhorne, Pennsylvania
__bible.boi__ BRONZE, Langhorne, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time, there was a large kingdom filled with life and love. Each day, people would dance, sing, and listen to music. But, one day, a giant attacked the kingdom, bringing destruction with every step he took. Thankfully, the kingdom guards were able to repel the giant. Now, we join a knight and a scholar as they enter the castle after being summoned by the king.

“My lord” they said in unison as they bowed their heads.

“Welcome, we must speak.” said the king. “ As you know, we were recently attacked by a giant.” The Knight and the Scholar both nodded their heads, wondering why the king had to explain this like it was some kind of exposition. “This deed cannot go unpunished” claimed the king, “so I am sending you two to slay this giant!”
“We would be honored.” responded the Knight.

“Then go,” proclaimed the king, “and serve your kingdom well!” So the Knight and the Scholar met in the courtyard of the castle to begin their journey.

“All set?” asked the Scholar.

“Not quite, I need to fetch my sorry excuse for a squire” answered the Knight.


Now we join a lonely squire, isolated in his near empty room. He sat at his desk, staring at a letter sent to him by his mother. She was the only person who ever loved him. Suddenly, the door bursts open, and the Knight steps into the small room.

“Squire,” he exclaimed, “pack your things, we’re off!” The Squire did not respond. The Knight picked up the closest thing in reach, a rather hefty book, and chucked it at the Squire’s head. The Squire yelped in pain as the book hit him in the back of the head. “We’re leaving idiot! Get your things together.” Yelled the Knight in anger.
“Where are we going?” asked the Squire.

“That doesn’t matter,” responded the Knight, “Just pack your things.” With that the Knight left. As the Squire rushed around, stuffing whatever he could into his knapsack, he wondered if things would ever change. He wondered if he would ever be respected. If he’d ever be treated like a human being. Those thought quickly faded as he heard the Knight shout “SQUIRE! HURRY UP!”


And so, our heroes set out on their adventure. The Scholar leading the way with his map and compass, followed by the Knight with his greatsword, and lagging along behind them was the Squire, bogged down by all of their heavy gear.


For three days they traveled, and on the third day, they arrived at the summit of the mountain. As the three of them stared into the cave of the giant, the Knight and the Scholar sat down to discuss tactics.

“What do you think we should do?” asked the Knight.

“Well I don’t know what do you think we should do?” responded the Scholar

“I don’t know,” said the Knight angrily, “ you’re supposed to be the smart one!”

“Well you're supposed to be the experienced one!” exclaimed the Scholar.

“Hey guys, I have an idea,” said the Squire meekly, “what if we draw the giant out and get him from range?”
“Shut up, boy.” Snapped the Knight. “Wait,” exclaimed the Knight excitedly, “what if, we draw the giant out, and get him from range!”

“That’s genius!!!” proclaimed the Scholar. The Squire was not amused. Suddenly the giant roared, and lumbered out of the cave.

“All the yelling must have woken him up!” yelled the Scholar, ironically.

“Then let’s get him, for honor!” cried the Knight valiantly as he charged the giant and proceed to get smacked off the mountain. After seeing this the Scholar panicked and tried to run, but in his haste he failed to see the rock in his path. Because of this, he tripped, and fell off the steep cliff he was standing on. This left only the Squire. Seeing such a small boy standing there, the giant started laughing hysterically. This gave the Squire time. His eyes darted around and landed of the Knight’s greatsword. The Squire dived for the sword and angled the blade so that the sunlight bounced of the blade and into the giants eyes. The giant yelled in pain and stumbled backwards, causing himself to lose his balance and fall off the steepest part of the mountain. It was over. The Squire had prevailed.  

And so, the Squire returned to the Kingdom, alone, and recounted the story of how he killed the giant. A cheer rang out and everyone rejoiced over the death of a monster, and the birth of a Hero. The Squire was praised and loved by all, and he was appointed captain of the guard for his bravery. He received a personal thank you from the king and for the rest of his life, he was welcomed by all, and shunned by none. Nobody ever judged him as they did before.

And he finally felt accepted.

The End.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my younger brother how was dignosed with autism at a young age. All throughout his life he was bullied and exluded from activities by other kids his age and he had little to no friends. When you get to know him, he's a really kind and funny kid. I wrote this story for him so that he could maybe feel better after reading it.

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