The Itch

April 27, 2018
By Anonymous

20 years ago, I had a different life, I was a thief who never took no for an answer and always got my way. That was, until my partner and best friend vanished into thin air one night. Eventually, I gave up on the past to live normally but I’m always searching.

Now\,my daily problems consist of kids, food, and cash. Although I have what some call “the good life”, that is a family and a house, I do reminisce of those days. As usual, my youngest starts crying so I run to him with a big cut on his hand, similar to mine. As a good parent, I take him to the doctor but doctor visits ain't cheap. That really took a dent but hey, it helps for my kid.

Later that night, I get a call from a strange number but I pickup anyways. It is a familiar voice and then it says, “Come out, I know about you.” My heart is racing and I tell my family I'm going somewhere. Coming outside, I saw my best friend and partner for the first time this millennium. I didn't know how to react but quickly he tells me to get in the car.

“Look, I know we haven't talked in twenty years but no question right now and you can be rich by the end of the night.” said Jimbo. I knew where this was heading but my emotions got the best of me and I said yes.

The plan was pulling a heist in the local bank. Absolutely crazy but he already had his team and we went in. Everything went wrong but we still made it out until I tripped. I thought Jimbo would come back for me but everyone else zoomed away.

Being put into a cop car, I saw from the corner of my eye, Jimbo giving me a wink.

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