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The Plan

April 26, 2018
By Anonymous

This a story of how Jennifer had died doing to save a special someone close to her.
She had to do something to save her loved one in order to succeed their plan to save the world.
Before her death she got her powers a few years ago.4 years to be exact.She was just 17 at the time when she received them.At first she was scared & thought she was an alien. This her story & I will begin it.

    Jennifer had just woken up for her exhausting  night sleep.She had woken up a few times caused her dog,Snuffles, wanted to go for a walk in the middle of the night.So she got up to walk him.She tiptoed & tried not to wake up her siblings.She had 3 brothers & 2 sisters. She had her own room but that night her younger sister,Kenzie, wanted to sleep with Jennifer cause it was dark in Kenzie’s room.She had no nightlight due to the fact that Kenzie had her own nightlight by wrestling with her brother,Mitchel, and broke the nightlight.So while Jennifer was outside,Kenzie took Jennifer’s phone and called her other older sister,Julica, who was in New York working on a photo shoot.Kenzie always gets into trouble.Last week she got into the pantry and ate all of the peanut butter.

  Anyway,after Jennifer walked Snuffles she went back to her room.When she returned she saw Kenzie on her phone again. “KENZIE”. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY PHONE AGAIN.THIS IS LIKE THE THIRD TIME ALREADY. STOP!!!yelled Jennifer.Kenzie was startled.”I..I..I just wanted to call Julica again to say hey.”Well just next time please just ask me. Justin,who was the twin of Mitchel,woke up due to the yelling of Jennifer.”Oh sorry Justin.Didn’t mean to wake you.You can go back to sleep now.”Ahhh...OK”.Good night Jenny & Kenz.Justin gave everyone in the family a nickname to go with their real name.

So now it’s time for first period.Jennifer had saved a seat for her best friend,Misty.Misty and Jennifer had been best friends ever since the 3rd grade.They meet at the playground when Misty was getting bullied for having glasses.Jennifer was the new kid and decided to do something about these bullies and decided to show them a piece of her mind.Misty thanked her and asked to be her friend.Of corse Jennifer said yes. She was excited to have a friend.

    Misty asked Jennifer if they wanted to work on the science project together.Their project was to find something non useful and make it useful.Misty had great ideas.She always got good grades but never wanted to go to honours unless Jennifer was going to.They we're in honours together.Jennifer couldn’t really pay attention because she had a crush on this boy named Adrian,in their science class.He had blue eyes with blond hair.She thought he was really cute and smart.She wanted to be in a group with him but was afraid to ask.He had a best friend named,Marcus.Marcus was also Jennifer’s best friend.He knew Jennifer liked Adrian so he helped her by telling her what Adrian likes.So after Misty and Jennifer worked on the project,Jennifer went to her room and read her favorite book,A Wrinkle In Time.

Knock, Knock.”Come in.” Hey JenJen.said her older brother,Josh. Josh was the only one who cared for Jennifer.They did everything together.They helped each other with feelings. “Oh hey Joshy”.How’s everything going.”Oh… huh..fine I guess.”No Jennifer somethings up. Ok it’s just  that there’s this science project and I’m having trouble picking my partner.” Oh is this about Adrian and Misty?”Jennifer you have to make a decision without my help this time ok.”But Josh this is hard.What if I make the wrong choice”.Jenny you have to choose either your best friend or your crush.”Josh left her room with a question she was afraid to answer.They would be discussing their partners 2 weeks from now.What was Jennifer going to do?

  Today was the day to choose Jennifer’s partner.She decided that she was going to do it with Adrian.She decided that Misty always makes Jennifer do all the work.When Adrian heard that a GIRL wanted to be his partner,He was excited that it was his crush.He thought that Jennifer was really pretty & smart.He loved her blond hair and green eyes.He likes whenever there is free time Jennifer always studied and didn’t always get on her phone.Her case was a Calico cat which was his favorite animal as well as her.He loved her shyful voice when spoken to.

  “H...Hi.I’m Jenni...Jennifer.”There was a silent pause between them.Adrian spoke up.”Hi Jennifer.I know who you are.Your that girl with the Calico cat phone case,Right? Yeah.” That’s a cool phone case. Thanks” Your welcome.” There was a romantic pause between them two.Adrien looked at the eyes of a beautiful girl who was the sweetest of them all.Jennifer looked at her handsome crush in hopes he liked her as well but never really believing he would.Adrien wanted to get to know her well to be one of her best friends.Jennifer spoke up,”Sooo, what do you want to do for our project.”What’s it about again?”asked Adrien.Jennifer loved how he always came to her for help.Once he asked her what to girls like in a boy? She told him  what she specifically likes and he seemed to love it.She guessed that he had a girlfriend but never asked about her.

Adrien only asked Jennifer what she likes so he can get close to her, He could try to ask her out.But he thought she had a boyfriend because he thought she was the most prettiest girl and would have a boyfriend.”Um it doesn’t matter what we do.Your the creative one.” Oh My Goodness.Adrien thinks I’m smart.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!Jennifer said in her mind.

A few weeks past, and Adrien was Jennifer’s closest friend.He,Jennifer & Misty were a fun little group of buddies.Sometimes Josh will join them when they like go to the movies.Josh and Adrien are best buds.He likes to best friends with his crush’s big brother.Jennifer has gotten close to Adrien’s sister who was Misty.Adrian really liked Jennifer’s family.He wish he could get closer to her but never really thought she liked him back.

Jennifer actsadently blurted out that she liked Adrien and was embarrassed that she ran out of the ELA room.They had all the same classes together.She ran home and didn’t come back for two weeks.Adrien was really worried about her and was excited that his crush liked him back.He could tell that she liked him when she ran out of the room crying.”Oh I wish she didn’t cry.It makes me feel bad.” So Adrien ran to her house.He tiptoed into her room but he didn’t find her there.Then he knew where to find her.They liked to hike into the field to the hollow tree with Josh and Misty.It was Jennifer’s favorite place to go and hide.When he found her,She was even more embarrassed that she decided to run from him.”WAIT.Please don’t go”Why not.I was totally embarrassed and now you probably think I’m a weird friend who has a crush on her best friend”I don’t think it’’ weird.I think it’s kinda cool that I have a crush on…”Someone else right?Jennifer interrupted.”NoNoNo.My crush is you Jennifer.I like you.”There was a long pause after that.It had been a few weeks later after the hollow tree incident.

“So.Are you and Adrien dating now?Teased Samantha.Samantha hated Jennifer cause Jennifer was in all of Adrien’s classes and Samantha liked Adrien.She was a popular kid in the 7th grade.She was Jennifer’s bully in the 6th grade.She teased her about everything.But honestly she was jealous of Jennifer cause Jennifer was was more likeable than her to everyone.Samantha was Adrien’s ex-girlfriend.She hated Jennifer.She even tried to get her expelled.

“What?No”said Jennifer.”We are just best friends”.Samantha decided to tease her again.”That’s how they all start out””Whatever.Jennifer walked home alone.While she walked home , the sky went black.”That’s weird.It wasn’t supposed to rain today”. But the clouds were not just any clouds.These were invisible but the sky was dark.Jennifer looked at the sky then all of a sudden a tiny raindrop fell on Jennifer’s chest and all of a sudden it  absorbed into her like it was apart of her now.”What the Huh”said a surprised Jennifer.She was walking home and when she knocked on the door, her older brother,Josh answered but then closed the door on her like if she was invisible or something.”Well that was rude of him”.So she knocked again this time Mitchel answered the door but he too shut the door on her.So this time she tried to open the door but instead of opening the door she went right through it like if she could go through things.

“ Well that was unexpected” said Jennifer.So while she went to her room something strange happened to her.While she was lying on her bed,her bookshelf had some books fall over on Jennifer when she looked up to dodge them a purple ball formed around her shielding her from the books.”WHOA” That was cool” said Jennifer.But she realized that she had powers but could not tell anyone about them or she might be in danger. So she had to keep them to herself.The powers help Jennifer protect herself from any type of harm.Like the other day she was walking and almost fell of the cliff but when she did she started to fly. So her powers now are invisible,force fields,flight,going through things,control things with her mind,hexes,and ice.

Jennifer was a little worried to go to school but she still got dressed.She couldn’t even tell Josh about it.But she knew she could trust him.She couldn’t tell him.So while she was at school, Adrian came up to her and asked if everything was ok because he saw a worried look on her face.”Oh.Yeah.I’m Fine .Thanks for asking”.said Jennifer.”Oh.Well then Ok”.See you at the holl...You know what tree.”Ever since the Hollow tree incident they have not spoken about the Hollow tree.”Oh Ok.I will.Thanks Adrian.”said Jennifer.”Hey um.. I just wanted to ask you something..Adrian started to blushed so hard his cheeks were really bright red.”Um Jennifer are you allowed to ..Um.. Is he about to ask me out EEEEEEEE! I hope he does.Jennifer said in her mind. “Um.. Jennifer are allowed to Um.. stay out late? EEEEE! Um.. yes.Ok good I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to work on the project later.Like around 9:00 or maybe 10:00? Oh ah yeah sure ok I will.Jennifer was so disappointed.Maybe he doesn’t like me anymore guess his is just a friend.While Jennifer walked home by herself,Adrian was replaying his moment to ask her out but was confused if she even liked him anymore. So he went home that night and he decided to ask her out when they work on the project.It’ll be perfect.I’ll ask her a question and when I see those pretty blue eyes I’ll try to kiss her on the cheek.

So the night of the exciting knows to Adrian he got a phone call from Jennifer’s older brother,Josh.”Hey Josh what’s up.”Um Adrian was Jennifer supposed to come work on the project tonight?”Um yes what happened?”Oh Ah She’s kinda in the hospital.”WHAT”?! What happened.Don’t know but she said that she saw a very bright light coming straight towards her and now we can’t tell if she’s breathing or not.”Adrian was heartbroken that this was all his fault.”I’ll be there”.Adrian knew who had really done this.Samantha had done this.Adrian knew she had powers.She had the power to control light or anything that is bright.She attacked Jennifer because she wanted to go to Adrian’s alone.But when she overheard them to talking she knew she could attack Jennifer.Adrian rushed to the hospital.When he heard what room Jennifer was in he rushed to her bedside. “Jennifer are you ok?”Adrian was the only one still in there.”Adrian?Is that you?”Yeah it’s me”.Adrian please don’t leave.”Your my best friend”.Adrian decided to hide out somewhere and wait until they closed so he could be with Jennifer all night long.He didn’t want to leave her.He fell in love with her.He didn’t know that Jennifer fell in love with him as well as he did with her.

  Adrian slept on the bed in the window .He looked at the beautiful girl in the bed”Oh Jennifer I hope you don’t stay like this.Please be better soon.I don’t know a world without you.”That night Adrian watch over Jennifer.Around 10:00 something happened.It was the time Adrian was going to kiss Jennifer.When he did she started to glow.Adrian was a little frightened and then realized that he had the power to heal others.When he kissed Jennifer on the cheek,it healed her but very slowly.Jennifer woke up and saw those handsome blue eyes.”Adrien?What’s going on?”
“Oh Um nothing.”Adrien.I know you kissed me.I wasn’t asleep.I couldn’t.Why did you?I love you  Jennifer.I’m sorry I couldn’t restrain myself.It’s ok Adrian.Yeah but it’s not like you don’t like me back.Adrien I do.That’s why I let you kiss me.Oh Jennifer can we keep this to ourselves please?Yes but do you know what that bright light was?Oh Jennifer do I have to tell you?WHAT?You know who did this?It was Samantha.Wait Samantha has light powers.Yes she wanted to attack you because she still likes me.She wants to kill you,but I won’t let that happen.

Adrien why do you care so much about me and not yourself as much.The same way you care about protecting your loved ones more than yourself because you rather spend as much time with them as much as you can before they go instead of worrying about yourself and never care about your loved ones. Oh so I’m a loved one.

The author's comments:

This inspired me because this story reminds me of romance and frienship.How much friends would do for you.I'm really sorry it's not finished but I will try to keep it going.

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