Out of Place

April 25, 2018
By Kaden_Foxx BRONZE, Westwood, Massachusetts
Kaden_Foxx BRONZE, Westwood, Massachusetts
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It was a perfect night on the countryside. I took my perfectly orange coat of fur on the prowl. I wasn’t like the other Foxes, they’re gross and mangy and eat like animals. I on the other hand could walk and talk just like the humans could. The full moon lit the way right to Mr. Polinsky’s farm. Like any other night I was there “borrowing” my dinner while his fat ass slept. Pillaging through his corn stalks as normal, taking as much as I could hold. Suddenly I heard a stout voice yell at me
“Stop right there, you thefin’ fox!”
I froze and slowly turned around to face him, a big rifle pressed right at my snout.
“Stand up” 
He yells as he spits right in my face
“Woo boy, I heard the rumors bout’ a two legged fox didn’t think i’d catch em going through my farmstead’”
“You’re not going too!”
“And why's that?”
“Ummmm” I quickly pick up a handful of dirt and proceed to throw it in his face. His gun goes off missing me as he curses. I start to run as fast as I can my tail following close behind. The gun goes off again, he screams
“Imma make a nice carpet outta chu!”
This never happens, I’m scared I just need to make it to the woods. His gun fires at me again. This guy is a lot more crazy than I thought. Didn’t think fat old Mr. Polinsky was a gun fanatic. His screaming becomes a lot more distant as I clear his property. I look around desperately, I ran the wrong direction and have no idea where I am.
“S-shit!” I whimper to myself. I look down to a bullet hole right through my side. Bleeding like a fountain. The pain of it all hits me like an eighteen wheeler. My head starts to get all woozy I can barely walk until I collapse..... And..... blackout....

I have some bizarre dreams, too surreal to say the least. I slowly wake up to the sensation of a small brush digging through my tail. I open my eyes to see a younger doctor gently brushing me.
“H-hey!” I yell “Hands off!”
He looks surprised and flustered
“S-sorry!” he says nervously “At least you're awake now, it's been two days”
“Two days!?” I try to sit up
“Woah there!” He gently stops me “I just put those stitches in you, you had a big gunshot wound”
“Gunshot wound?!”
“You’re lucky I found you little guy, but you do owe me some answers starting with; what are you?”
“A fox”
“T-that can just walk and talk?”
“Yup, I’ve just always been this way”
“You know you’ve invited some gruesome rumors around here”
“None of that stuff is true! I don’t eat babies!”
“I know I know, that's why I saved you, now please rest”
Over the next month, I would hide under the protection of the doctor. We had an odd relationship, I never asked his name and he never asked of mine. We didn’t need names we just understood each other. He would bring me food and just help me recover. I called him “Doc” and he called me “Little Fox” which always made me mad; I’m not that little! The doctor was incredibly polite and well mannered and was somewhat surprised how civilized I could be. He would try and pry at my past but I couldn’t remember much of it anyway. He was always too gentle with everything, it would take him forever to do anything. Nights consisted of little card game or an occasional movie. I really don’t understand why he saved me or trusted me. It was truly bizarre.

After another day of being stuck in his house, I started to wonder why he had been keeping me here so long. I honestly kind of liked it though. He took very good care of me and my tail. The Doc told me he was going to run some errands, so I was stuck at home with nothing to do. All of a sudden I heard a commotion outside, a couple of drunks harassing a younger woman. I pressed my snout to the window watching secretly. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but the men were getting more touchy and she didn’t take a liking to that. She slaps one of them across the face hard and starts to run. I couldn’t just watch anymore I had to help somehow. I throw on one of the doctor’s cloaks and run out the back of the clinic to help. I can hear voices echoing through the alley way.
“Shut up bitch!”
“Let go of me you perv!”
I come to see the three men with their backs turned to me at the end of the alleyway, one of them has the women by the arm. I yell out at the drunk men
They slowly turn around to face me, I couldn’t stop thinking how ridiculous I looked in this big cloak. And the fact that three aggressively intoxicated men were walking towards me. One of them mumbles
“What chu’ want?”
“L-leave her alone!”
One of them breaks a bottle and points at me
“Would cha’ rather haf us leave you alone or leave this broad alone?”
“J-Just leave her alone!”
The other two slowly surround me with similar makeshift weapons, I was too flustered to notice.
“So your lookin’ for trouble ain’t cha?”
Suddenly, he lashes out at me with the bottle, the broken glass slicing a deep cut right below my neck, cutting the cloak loose and revealing my entire fox body, they look at me with fear in their eyes. One of them blurts out
“F-Fuck! Its that freak!”
They all start to run away from me in fear. Screaming as they run down the street. But I royally fucked my again, my neck hurts a lot and my other injuries.... don’t.... help....

I wake up again in that same clinic, the doctor nervously brushing me. I’m too weak to protest.
“Y-y-y-you worried me sick!! You weren’t here when I got home, if it wasn’t for this kind young lady you could of been-”
I start to gently sniffle and cry a little
“I-I’m s-sorry”
He wraps his arms around me tight
“Your not as tough as you let on little one, but you did the right thing”
I had noticed yet, but the women from last night was in the snickering to herself in the corner
“Welp, theres go my knight in shining armor”
“S-shut it”
She laughs to herself
“Thanks for saving me fuzzy butt”
“D-don’t call me that!”
“I better get going now, don’t worry though I won’t rat you out”
The mysterious woman takes her leave.
“Goodbye now!” The doctor chimes in. He turns his attention to me “Now Mr. Fox your gonna stay in bed and not play hero again ok?”
“Doc, I need to ask you something”
“We need to keep you on a well balanced die-”
“Why have you been taking care of me, we both know my injuries weren’t as bad as you said they were.... until now”
“I-I ummm” he hesitates “I-I was the one who created you, I-I thought if I kept you in your room long enough you would remember”
“W-what? M-my room?” My head starts to hurt
“It's all true!”
“W-why can’t I remember then?”
“I couldn’t tell you little one”

He told me his account of making me. An experiment trying to turn stone into gold gone horribly wrong, one of his favorite fox pelts fell into the mix and out came me I guess. He took care of me while I was small and I apparently took off when I could. I can’t remember anything though. It took me a long time to come to understand it all. But that didn’t shake the face that I truly felt at home. We started getting closer to each other, a staple in each other’s lives. He would always call me those stupid nicknames but I got over it. Everything was going too good for me.
One night I heard a pounding on the door and a man scream.
“Phil open up we know you're hiding that ‘thing’ in there!”
Oh no, they found me again. It must of been one of those stupid drunks. I start to panic. The doctor busts into my room silently and hushes me down. He gestures me to hide in a closet and I stand inside. He slams the door crushing my tail in the door frame. I can’t help but yelp out loudly.
“Jeez! I’m coming sheriff”
The Doc hastily apologizes with his expression and goes to open the door. The Sheriff barges in, gun drawn and pushes the Doc aside.
“Where is it?!” He grabs Phil by the collar and lifts him up. “I know you're hiding that monster in here!”
“I-In the bedroom upstairs.” Luckily I'm in the closet downstairs, the sheriff goes barreling up the stairs after dropping the Doc, he gestures me to run out the door and I do so. The second I start to move the sheriff starts to take aim from the top of the stairs.
“N-NO!” The doctor screams, He Jumps in front of me to protect me “H-he's not a monster!”
“Move!” The sheriff grunts, the Doc stands his ground as I hide behind him
“J-Just leave us alone!” the sheriff presses the gun right to his chest.
I decide to dash between their legs, I start to dash between them but the sheriff is too quick, he turns around to grab me by the tail, I yelp again. He presses the gun right to my face, I close my eyes and BANG! The Doc smashes him in the back of the head with a bust of hippocrates. I look at him for second and he hands me a small pack of supplies, I hug him, all teary eyed from the turn of events.
“W-We’re gonna have to leave right?”
“Anywhere but here”

The author's comments:

I really like anthropomorphic characters and I love writing about them. I hope people will read my peice and be intrigued by it. 

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