M a g i c

April 22, 2018

What is magic?  Is it elixirs, fairies, witches, and unicorns? That isn’t the case  .I do believe in magic, yes, it’s true. But the real question is, do you?

I believe magic is having the ability to face to unknown, unafraid of what may happen or what’s to come.  I believe it’s being able to fight against the wrong, and follow the right.  I believe it’s being loving, even when the world is filled with hatred.

How is it magic, you may be asking yourself? Magic isn’t fairytale elixirs, it’s doing beautiful things.  It's being able to love, to care about others, to see the good in others, even when there is so little.  It's not about fairytale endings, princesses and princes, fairies and golems, it's not about that.

Magic is the good things in life, it's the amazing moments, the best feelings, the loving people.  It's the best days, the good years, the great memories.  It's everything good in life, and sometimes, it outways the bad.  So what is magic?  The answer is simple now.

Life is magic.

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