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Dewy The Drop

April 17, 2018
By ToriBird SILVER, North Las Vegas, Nevada
ToriBird SILVER, North Las Vegas, Nevada
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Dewy lived in a pure white cloud with all of his friends. He had lots of friends. They played tag and pattycake and hide and seek all day long. Dewy knew there wasn’t anything more important than friends. More water drops came to the cloud and they played games as a big family. But water drops kept coming and coming until there were too many of them. And they fell. Dewy tried to hang onto his friends as the cool air whipped around them and tore them apart. His being shuttered when it finally hit the ground and soon he was flowing away with strange drops he had never met before. He tried to speak to some of them but they were moving too fast. Then he was in a lake. He met new friends, he played new games, and ignored the rising of temperature. It got hotter and hotter every day until they withered away. They floated up into the sky and again he tried to hold onto his friends and again he failed. This happened again and again until he finally learned his lesson. Friends were not worth the pain it took to lose them everytime.

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