The Truth Hurts

April 11, 2018
By GabbyB121 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
GabbyB121 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Morgan ran her finger up and down her to do list for the third time today. This Halloween was going to be absolutely perfect. She was hosting the hottest Halloween party in town tonight and nothing was going to stop her from making it a huge success. Next on her list was to find the most amazing accessories to go with her costume. Morgan second guessed everything.

Somehow, she settled on a fortune teller. She dragged her finger further down the to-do list. Next, was getting ready. She was always a very meticulous person that liked everything down to the last detail to be organized. By looking at her you would get the exact opposite vibe, I mean, for example, she has bubblegum pink hair. She truly was an enigma.

Her story begins on Halloween morning when Morgan headed off to school in her fortune teller costume. She skipped out the door on the way to school. But this morning was different because she found a package on her way out the door. “Ugh,” she cried,”Mom, you have a package.” But her mom didn’t reply. Her mom was not expecting a package. This one was marked for Morgan. She tore the package open and found a diamond necklace. There wasn’t a single mediocre thing about this necklace. It was beautiful and extravagant. She put it on.

She stopped to pick up Carmen, her best friend. Morgan was either very late or very early but never on time. Carmen got in the car. Morgan said,” Black is not your color.” She covered her mouth because she is obviously now in a dilemma. “Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to say that!” Carmen got out the car and yelled,” I will get my own ride!” Carmen was irate. Throughout the day, she went on telling people the terrible honest truths. She got through the day without getting into an altercation, luckily. She was so happy because it was party prep time. But first, she had to make a quick stop at her locker or she would be missing the rest of her supplies for the party. She knew that if she messed this up she would be deemed a mediocre party planner. On the way there, she wondered why she was spewing the truth all during the day. As she opened her locker a note fell out. The note said,” If you hate the truth, pass the necklace on before midnight. If not you will be cursed forever.” It was all starting to make sense now. This all started when she got the necklace.

She thought of getting rid of this thing as soon as she got to the party tonight. “The curse would be admonished tomorrow and my life will be better,” she thought.She kept thinking of how she will terminate the curse soon.  Everyone at the party was so happy. They were so unaware of her dilemma of who to pass the truth curse to.

“ Poor Jenny,” she thought as she clipped the necklace around a girl named Jenny’s neck. She ran off to find Carmen and explain the mess. “ She smiled to herself, the truth really does hurt.”  For the rest of the year, she would spot person after person wearing the necklace, so unaware of the effects it can have. She took on from that day to always try to be honest yet kind to people.

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