Christmas in Denver

April 10, 2018
By idlnh BRONZE, Lithi Springs , Georgia
idlnh BRONZE, Lithi Springs , Georgia
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It was the year 2025 in Denver, Colorado and the kids were all happy because school finally had let out and they were now on Christmas break. They could play all they wanted and stay up past their bed times. All of the high school students could party and have fun without worrying about coming home late.  At Denver High, there were a group of four students who planned on hanging out over the break. They were all boys who played on the varsity basketball team at Denver High school. They were called “The Wolf Pack” by almost everyone at the school.  They were the best team in the state by far, no one could compare to them. The Denver High varsity basketball team went undefeated the entire season. The four boys, Apollo, Max, and Chris were all going to stay at Kendall’s house. Kendall lived in a gated community next to the richest people in the neighborhood. 
When all the boys arrived at his house, they all got in one car and rode down to the mall to shop for a while and have lunch. On the way to the mall, they saw a group of middle aged men and one man seemed to be coughing extremely hard. About five minutes later they stopped at a red light and something caught the eye of all four of the boys. There was a college student who was gliding on his hover board and he was coughing abnormally hard. Blood started coming from his mouth and then he fell over on the concrete. The Wolf Pack was very disturbed. When they arrived at the mall, there was a woman outside in a Santa Claus hat and a bell shaking it continuously repeating the phrase, “Help a child, donate money and make a child smile.” When the boys were about to enter the mall a man started running towards the door yelling “They’re infected run!” So the boys bolted for the car. As they boys got in the car and began to back out of the parking spot, Apollo and Chris saw people being bitten and eaten. Max sped off leaving the mall in an instant. 

When they were three minutes away from Kendall’s house Max hit a kid who had run into the street. The Pack quickly got out to check on the kid and when they did, the strangest thing happened. The kid began to shake and his skin began to decay. At this point the boys got back into the car. Max tried to start the car but it wasn’t working. He tried multiple times and nothing was happening. The boys got out of the car and ran into the gas station that was on the other side of the road, away from the kid who was now fully decayed and had green glowing eyes. The boys realized that there was a gun store around the corner that they could make it to if they ran, and that’s what they did. They went through the back door of the gas station to avoid the kid who was at the front. When the boys opened the door they were in an alley, so they walked out and the streets were red. The white snow was spotted red like polka dots, filled with guts and brains. The Pack ran into the gun store, which was empty of people, and began to find all the guns they could. The guns didn’t need ammunition and they were able to shoot beams that would disintegrate whatever was hit.  In the back of the store there were hover boards. They each got one and sped of gliding towards Kendall’s house.

On the way, they were greeted by a mob of infected humans. They got out their guns and began shooting at the mob. The boys were getting surrounded so they stood back to back letting beams fly through the heads of the infected. The only thing that was going through the boys’ head at that time was whether or not they would die right then or live another day. The infected seemed as if they would not stop charging. A loud scream of agony and pain was heard above all the infecteds yelling and moaning. Apollo was bitten. He was on the floor, the other boys had no other choice but to let him be eaten. The Infected kept coming and coming. The boys tried their best to shoot as many as they could, but it seemed as if no matter what they did it would never be enough. The boys all dropped one by one. They were tackled, eaten, and torn apart. 

The author's comments:

This is a peice I wrote for fun because it was nearing the holidays. I decided to make a short story about Christmas break and a group of friends and their experieces during the time out. I hope you enjoy!

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