Breath of Air

April 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Wanting more than ever to have a fairy god mother for all her wishes. One that will give her all she's ever dreamed of. Her needs cannot be met by her own self. For she is weak and scared. Too scared to do something and too miserable not too. And for now, half way is good enough. But what of the future? When no one, nothing, no endorphin releasing act will help. Will cure that feeling of emptiness. No need to continue and no want. The black area where your heart goes. The abbys of feelings. Monoemotionals know no such things. Caring only for the end. The relief of seeing the man in the cloak carrying the scythe. There to welcome you, he is death. She embraces him with a warm hug and thinks her dreams have finally come true. She wakes up and gasps for air. Realizing, she's still alive.

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